Where do Zappos returns go?

The funds from the item being returned will be transferred to an e-Gift Card or an Exchange Voucher when the exchange is initiated. Zappos will then apply the e-Gift Card or Exchange Voucher to your replacement item.

How do I return something to Zappos?


  1. Go to the website and click on My Account in the upper right hand corner.
  2. Log in to your account using your email address and password.
  3. Click on the order number of the merchandise you wish to return.
  4. Check the box to the left of the item(s) you wish to return and click on the Return Checked Item box.

Can you return Zappos after wearing?

Runlimited Guarantee Terms and Conditions: Shoes purchased and worn during the Program must be returned within 30 days of the purchase date in accordance with the return instructions received by the purchaser via email after the purchase date. Unworn Shoes remain subject to Zappos’ standard return policy.

Are Zappos returns easy?

Not only will Zappos mail them to you for free, but they will ALSO pay all return shipping charges. They’ve made the process really easy, you just login to your Zappos account and follow the return instructions.

Is it wrong to return something after wearing it?

The short answer is – yes, it is possible. So, here is the law, and how to stay out of trouble. The practice of buying clothing, wearing it once or twice and returning it to the store is called “wardrobing” and it costs stores almost $10 billion dollars a year. That’s a lot of blouses.

Can I return shoes after wearing them once?

Many chain shoe stores and online vendors have return policies that specify the shoes must be unworn and in the original packaging. That means that you should only wear them indoors on clean surfaces for a few days before deciding to return them. If they appear to be worn, you may not get a refund or exchange.

Why is Zappos taking so long?

With the spread of COVID-19, online shopping continues to rise dramatically, and we are experiencing a variety of supply chain disruptions and delays. For new orders, our shipping and delivery date expectations will show longer than you normally expect. …

Does Zappos not do overnight shipping?

Remember that lovely, free overnight shipping you trusted as much as your Honda Civic? It’s gone! Free shipping at Zappos will now have you waiting 4-5 business days for your shoes.

How much does Zappos pay you to quit?

Zappos has had a program that pays new employees $4,000 to quit the company during initial training sessions. The policy was designed to make sure their new hires are committed to working beyond just a paycheck.

What happened to the Zappos guy?

Tony Hsieh, the visionary business leader and Zappos CEO, died in November from injuries sustained in a fire at a Connecticut home. Hsieh, who was 46, was kept on life support for more than a week before he passed away the day after Thanksgiving.