Where do 30 year olds hang out in NYC?

Best bars for 30 year olds in New York, NY

  • Attaboy. 1.0 mi. 596 reviews.
  • Please Don’t Tell. 1.6 mi. 1809 reviews.
  • Madame X. 1.6 mi. 317 reviews.
  • Cibar. 2.2 mi. 317 reviews.
  • Raines Law Room. 2.3 mi. 1483 reviews.
  • Bathtub Gin. 2.7 mi. 1007 reviews.
  • Death & Co. 1.6 mi. 1541 reviews.
  • Angel’s Share. 1.7 mi. 2158 reviews.

What is the hottest club in NYC right now?

Hottest Nightclubs and Lounges in NYC

  • Paul’s Casablanca.
  • Teksupport.
  • The DL.
  • Somewhere Nowhere.
  • The Brooklyn Mirage.
  • Hotel Chantelle.
  • Public Arts.
  • Jungle Summer at The Garret Cocteleria.

Can you go clubbing at 18 in NY?

There are plenty of spaces in the city to party ’till the break of dawn, or at least into the a.m. hours, without age restrictions. From DIY venues to nightclubs with 18-and-over nights and all-ages concert halls, you don’t have to miss out at all.

What was New York’s most famous nightclub?

#TheLIST: New York’s Most Historic Night Clubs

  • The Cotton Club, 1923 – 1936. Corbis.
  • Copacabana, 1940 – 1992. Getty Images.
  • CBGB, 1973 – 2006. Getty Images.
  • Palladium, 1976 – 1995. Corbis.
  • Studio 54, 1977 – 1991. Getty Images.
  • Danceteria, 1979 – 1986. Corbis.
  • Limelight, 1983 – 1990s. Corbis.
  • The Tunnel, 1986 – 2001.

Where do singles meet in NYC?

The Best Bars for Single Mingling in NYC

  • Salsa Con Fuego. Fordham Manor, the Bronx.
  • Judy and Punch. Astoria.
  • Therapy. Hell’s Kitchen.
  • Le Bain at The Standard. Meatpacking.
  • The Jane Ballroom. West Village.
  • Village Tavern. West Village.
  • Mr. Purple.
  • Pianos. Lower East Side.

What to do in NYC if you are alone?


  • 17 Things To Do Alone In NYC. When you’re in New York City, you’re almost always surrounded by people.
  • Brooklyn Bridge.
  • One World Observatory.
  • Shakespeare Garden.
  • The Metropolitan Museum of Art.
  • Take a Solo Bar Tour.
  • New York Public Library.
  • Go Thrifting.

Where do celebrities drink in NYC?

10 NYC Bars & Clubs Celebrities Actually Drink At

  • 3 The 40/40 Club.
  • 4 The Skylark.
  • 5 TAO Downtown.
  • 6 The Top Of The Standard.
  • 7 The Brooklyn Mirage.
  • 8 Playboy Club NYC.
  • 9 Soho House New York. Soho House is an exclusive hotel and club with locations all over the world.
  • 10 1 OAK. The celebrity sightings at 1 OAK are endless.

What city has the best clubs?

Best Nightlife Cities in the U.S.

  • Las Vegas.
  • Miami Beach.
  • New Orleans.
  • New York City.
  • Los Angeles.
  • San Francisco.
  • Chicago.
  • Austin.

Can I get into a club if im 20?

Most clubs are over 21, no entry to under 21. There are a select few that allow access to over 18. The rule differs by individual club. But most clubs don’t want to bother with the hassle of sorting out who can drink and who can’t, because they make most of their money off drinks anyway.

Can you get into clubs in New York under 21?

Do you know where your children are? Kids as young as 16 can get into some of the hot spots listed below, at least on certain nights. If you are planning on heading out, you will still need proof of age, and you will definitely be carded for alcohol. There is no cover for shows but there is a $10 food/drink minimum.

Where do celebrities party in NYC?

Who owns 1oak NYC?

Scott Sartiano
Scott Sartiano (born October 31, 1974) is an American restaurateur and nightlife impresario known for co-founding the critically acclaimed nightclubs 1 Oak, Up & Down, and restaurants Butter and The Darby.