Where can I find the Oriflame online catalogue?

Peek inside Oriflame’s new online catalogue and enjoy the very latest in Oriflame beauty and wellness. Browse with the navigation arrows or drag the slider for a quick overview. Looking for something specific? We suggest you try the search tool.

Where can I find Oriflame flip print material?

Below are the Oriflame’s online flip print material of current month. Click on the below links and get more details on Oriflame offers.

Where are the headquarters of Oriflame Cosmetics located?

Oriflame is a leading company in direct sales of cosmetics and wellness. We are present in more than 60 countries, of which we are the market leader in more than half. Oriflame has its origins in Sweden, with corporate offices in Switzerland.

Which is the best Oriflame product for oily skin?

NovAge Complementary Care Products Shop for Oily skin Dark Circles Day cream Night cream Popular Products LE 119 LE 144 LE 144 LE 49 LE 99 LE 199 LE 259 LE 199 See all All Skin Care What’s new

Which is the best brand of Oriflame make up?

THE ONE OnColour All Brands Shop for Long-lasting make-up Waterproof make-up Luminous make-up Foundation Popular products Rs. 199 Rs. 799 Rs. 799 Rs. 1,299 Rs. 449 Rs. 549 See all All Make-up What’s new Face

How much does Oriflame moisturizer cost in store?

£4.49 £8.00 £32.99 £45.00 £5.99 £10.00 £2.79 £6.00 £3.99 £10.00 Skin care What’s new Moisturisers