Where can I find Dragon Jade in Dragon Nest?

– You can acquire Mirage Dragon Jade for completing the quest [A New Frontier, Dragon Jade] given by the NPC Blacksmith Stronghammer located in Red Lotus Palace Main Street. – Mirage Dragon Jade can only be equipped on LV 95 unique grade or higher necklaces.

What happened Dragon Nest?

On 31st March 2021, at 10:00 am GMT + 7, the game’s servers will end. World of Dragon Nest’s customer support channel will also close. Furthermore, the game will no longer be available for download on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

How do you get vibrant jade in Dragon Nest?

Vibrant Dragon Jades can be acquired from the following: Defeat Nest Bosses. You have a certain chance of acquiring Vibrant Dragon Jade after defeating a nest boss. The acquisition rate increases the greater the difficulty of the nest.

How do you farm Crystal Points?

Crystal Points can be obtained in many different ways, such as Doing Daily Tasks, doing Events whereas there are Crystal Points is rewarded, Opening Beggar’s Boxes, and on future updates, converting your magic/rare/epic costumes for crystal points.

How do I upgrade Mirage Dragon Jade?

▶ You can evolve [Mirage Dragon Jade +10] to [Paraselene Dragon Jade] by using [Moonlight Stone]. You can equip it equally as Mirage Dragon Jade at Level 95 Unique and above Grade Necklace. ▶ Future updates will allow to evolving [Paraselene Dragon Jade] more powerfully.

How do you make Mirage Jade?

Is Dragon Nest M worth playing?

Many people who love MMORPGs opt to try Dragon Nest M and a vast majority sticks with it. It is perhaps one of the best-looking mobile games of its genre, not just for the full 3D quality but the clear user interface. Also, the gameplay is tailored to save us from the usual tiresome things in these kinds of games.

Where can I get a platinum stone in Dragon Nest?

▶ Can be acquired [as a reward for clearing mission nests] or purchased at the [Crystal Point Shop] run by [Merchant Agave located in Red Lotus Palace]. – You will obtain an increased amount of Platinum Stone the greater the mission nest difficulty.

How do I farm lapis in Dragon Nest?

Lapis can be obtained from the following:

  1. Main Quest. Doing a mission in the Main Quest gives you an Adventurer’s Necessity chest which contains 1 Lapis.
  2. Mission Board Quests.
  3. Merca’s Port Daily Mission.
  4. Ladder Shop.
  5. World Daily Tasks.
  6. Labyrinth Invaders.
  7. Trial Nests.