Where can I buy a turnkey engine package?

Our Turnkey packages are sold setup on a pallet and ready to run once you receive it! Just add fluids, fuel, and fire it up! We offer these turnkey pallets as an alternative to crate packages or basic engine and transmission dropouts, providing ease of use as well as ultimately saving customers thousands of dollars.

Is the Chevy 350-355hp a turnkey engine?

Both FiTech or Holley Sniper and Serpentine systems are on SALE now! Call us for the best pricing on these upgrades! Chevy 350 – 355HP Turnkey Engine. Scroll down for more photos. Dyno testing the Chevy 350 – 355HP engine. Click the photo to see a video clip of the dyno run.

Which is the best turnkey for your car?

This is the best turnkey you’ll find! It’s an excellent street machine engine with a great Old School sound. This Power 2 Engine Combination would be GREAT in your MUSCLECAR, Street, Hot Rod, Custom Truck, Kit Car, 4 X 4, or JEEP. This engine was built from one of our Dyno packages! Your engine can also be Dyno tested, for an additional charge.

Can a crate engine be dyno tested turnkey?

Built from one of our Dyno tested and road proven Dyno packages Your engine can also be Dyno tested for an additional charge. Call for info on flex plate or fly wheel. Call for correct flex plate on automatics. Call for info on standard transmissions (4 or 5 speed, etc.) Comes complete, intake to oil pan.

What kind of transmission package do you need for a crate engine?

AOD Transmission Conversion Package with Matching Converter, Mount,TV Cable, cooler, trans cooler. Complete Plug n Play Fuel Injection Kit with ECU, Wiring harness, Sensors, Fuel pump and lines. Includes Billet Pulleys and Alternator Will Replace most early and later model 289,302 and 351 Small Block Ford Engines. Need Custom Options?

Where can I get a BD turnkey engine?

BD TURNKEY ENGINES are GM GENIII Engines that are obtained from wrecking yards primarily from California & Nevada. They are 5.3L & 6.0L engines from trucks & suv’s. I stipulate they must be clean, free of unusual corrosion, and have reasonable miles for an aftermarket project or second car.

Where can I get a Chevy engine and transmission combo?

Select your preferred location and we’ll note which parts are ready to be picked up TODAY. Combo, LS3, 495 hp/475 lb./ft. Torque, Assembled, 6L80E Supermatic, Includes Engine Controller Kit and Transmission Installation Kit, Chevy, Kit