Where are William Gates and Arthur Agee now?

Gates now works at a prison in Texas; Agee is a motivational speaker who still lives in the West Side of Chicago.

What happened to William and Arthur from Hoop Dreams?

Gates, who is now 49, went on to get his Bible degree and served as a pastor at a community center in the Cabrini Green neighborhood in which he grew up until 2012, at which point he moved his family to San Antonio, where he coaches AAU ball — his squad is fittingly known as Team Hoop Dreams — and all three of his sons …

Where is Arthur Agee?

Agee now has five children and still lives in the Chicago area. He started the Arthur Agee Jr foundation and works as a motivational speaker for inner-city youth.

How old is Arthur Agee?

48 years (October 22, 1972)
Arthur Agee/Age

Is Arthur Agee in jail?

Arthur Agee Jr., featured in the 1994 Oscar-nominated documentary Hoop Dreams, was released on bond from Cook County Jail on Dec. 17, after allegedly kicking his female companion several times outside a Forest Park bar.

Is Hoop Dreams based on a true story?

The story of Hoop Dreams was not over even after the film was released. Cable TV channel TNT planned a remake of the story as a fictional movie for television. A book based on transcripts from all of the interviews conducted was published in the spring of 1996.

How tall is Arthur Agee?

1.88 m
Arthur Agee/Height

How long was Hoop Dreams filmed?

2h 50m
Hoop Dreams/Running time

What is the purpose of Hoop Dreams?

The filmmaker’s point was to show the hardships that young, black American men faced in a poverty-stricken area, while also showing the cut-throat “business-side” of high school basketball programs.

Is Hoop Dreams a real story?

Adapted from the award-winning film, the true story of two boys from inner-city Chicago with a gift for basketball follows their struggle to turn high school stardom into college scholarships and pro careers and to escape the ghetto.

Does Netflix have hoop dreams?

Hoop Dreams ranks in our ranking of the 50 Best Documentaries on Netflix! For those who are unfamiliar with the film, Hoop Dreams is one of the best documentaries ever made, and it’s quite possibly the best sports documentary ever made. Hoop Dreams was directed by Steve James.

What is the message of Hoop Dreams?

Who was bigger William Gates or Arthur Agee?

While William Gates was seen as the bigger star of Hoop Dreams as a freshman at St. Joseph, Arthur Agee actually went further in the Illinois state basketball tournament than Gates ever did.

Where did Arthur Agee live as a child?

Agee is the second child and first son of Arthur “Bo” Agee Sr. and Sheila Agee. During his younger years he lived in the north side Chicago area near where the other star of Hoop Dreams, William Gates, lived.

How old was William Gates in Hoop Dreams?

They’re both grandfathers, which seems preposterous until you do the math. When the groundbreaking documentary “Hoop Dreams” hit theaters in October 1994, the two subjects, Arthur Agee and William Gates, were 21 and 22, respectively.

How old was William Gates when his daughter was born?

William Gates was a 17-year-old high school junior when his daughter Alicia was born. Rewatching “Hoop Dreams” 25 years later lends perspective to how fast top college recruits are forced to grow up, and how much is at stake early on. Gates’ daughter was born when he was 17, during his junior year of high school.