Where are Geophagus Tapajos from?

Remarks: Geophagus sp. Red Head Tapajos is a small, relatively peaceful cichlid from rio Tapajós river in Brazil. A sandy substrate is necessary due to their earth-eating habits. They sift mouthfuls of sand through their gills, pulling out bits of food to eat.

What size tank do Geophagus need?

40 gallons
The Surinamensis Geophagus requires a tank of 40 gallons or larger with a sandy bottom and flat rocks. The rear of the tank should have caves made from stones and roots, and the edges of the tank should be decorated with hardy, potted plants.

How big do Geophagus Sveni get?

Average adult size: 6.5 inches (16 – 17 cm) Average purchase size: 1 – 1.5 inches (2.5 – 3.8 cm) for Juveniles, 3 – 4 inches (7.5 – 10 cm) for Subadults.

How many Geophagus are in a 75 gallon?

Re: 75 Gallon Geophagus Help Hi, You will be fine with a group of 4 in a 75 gallon.

Can Geophagus live with Oscars?

Geophagus represent an interesting option for oscar tank mates. This is because they are, like oscars, South American cichlids. So, unless you have either wild caught geophagus or wild caught oscars, water chemistry should not concern you too much.

What fish can live with Blue Acara?

Here are some great Electric Blue Acara tank mates that we recommend:

  • Cory catfish.
  • Discus fish.
  • Oscars.
  • Rainbowfish.
  • Otocinclus.
  • Bristlenose Pleco.
  • Moga cichlid.

Is geophagus aggressive?

A reasonable choice for the beginning of your adventure with this group of fish would be those species that show relatively little aggression (that is, outside the mating season) and grow to about 12 cm (5 inches), for instance Geophagus sp. This very colorful and showy fish is also easy to breed.

Is geophagus a community fish?

Redstripe Eartheaters are peaceful fish and will not bother large or small tankmates. Large aquariums with multiple eartheaters can be quite stunning with the addition of brightly colored small fish, a few large fish, and bottom cleaning species.

Can geophagus live with angelfish?

Re: Geophagus Tank Regarding tank mates, they are pretty peaceful and will mix with anything that they can’t eat: angelfish, severums, festivums, cories, large bodied tetras, etc.

What bottom feeders can I keep with Oscars?

Per WorldCichlids.com, bottom feeders like pictus catfish and clown loache are compatible with oscars because they stay on the bottom of a tank whereas oscars stay in the middle and top of the tank due to their larger size.

Can you mix discus and Oscars?

Delicate species: Oscars are large, tough fish that tend to pick on tank mates. Avoid any delicate species such as Discus that require a peaceful environment to thrive. As a result, Oscar tanks tend to have high nitrates and generally aren’t the most pristine conditions.

Will Blue Acara eat Tetras?

Yes, Blue Acara will eat tetras.