What street is downtown Leavenworth on?

Main street – Front Street Park.

What is Leavenworth Washington close to?

Leavenworth is situated on the east side of the Cascade Mountains in North Central Washington State. The closest larger city is Wenatchee just 22 miles east on Highway 2.

What pass do you go over to get to Leavenworth?

Directions to Leavenworth, Washington Take I-5 to I-90, over Snoqualmie Pass, then take the Wenatchee exit onto Highway 97. Take Highway 97 to Highway 2, then Highway 2 west into Leavenworth.

What towns are close to Leavenworth?

Nearby Towns

  • Cashmere, WA.
  • Chelan, WA.
  • East Wenatchee, WA.
  • Entiat, WA.
  • Peshastin, WA.
  • Wenatchee, WA.

Can you take a train to Leavenworth Washington?

Amtrak Empire Builder is the one and only train line which connects Seattle, Washington to Leavenworth, Washington. Furthermore, there is only one train per day, so you will have to plan your travel around this limited availability.

What is in downtown Leavenworth?

The Downtown Leavenworth, WA area is where most of the fun happens and where you’ll find a wide variety of the region’s best attractions….Dining

  • Andreas Keller.
  • Munchen House.
  • Alley Cafe.
  • Mozart’s Steakhouse.
  • Fresh Burger Cafe.

Where is the Leavenworth penitentiary?

Leavenworth, Kansas
USP Leavenworth is located in Leavenworth, Kansas, which is 25 miles (40 km) northwest of Kansas City, Kansas.

Is Leavenworth worth visiting?

Leavenworth, WA is the cutest little town that is worth a visit year-round. Winter for the Christmas Lighting Festival and winter sports like a day at the Leavenworth Ski Hill. No matter what time of year you visit, you’re sure to find fun things to do in Leavenworth.

Do you need a car in Leavenworth?

If you plan on just staying in the town, it’s easy to get around without a car. However, if you plan on going on hikes or doing other Leavenworth activities that aren’t right in town, it’d be best to have a car for your Leavenworth trip.

Is Leavenworth WA worth visiting?

Is it worth going to Leavenworth WA?

Why is Leavenworth a German town?

The not-so-secret secret: It used the natural beauty of the North Cascades and the resemblance to the Bavarian Alps region of southern Germany to recreate itself as a Bavarian-style vacation destination. Leavenworth, originally called Icicle Flats, was first settled in about 1885 as a trading post.