What sizes do drawer handles come in?

Pulls / Handles

  • 3 inches.
  • 96mm (about 3 3/4 inches)
  • 128mm (about 5 inches)
  • 160mm (about 6 1/4 inches)
  • 256mm (about 10 inches)

How do you measure drawer pulls?

To measure drawer pulls, you must determine three measurements: length, center-to-center distance, and projection/depth. With knobs, focus on projection/depth measurements, since most knobs will not be particularly tall or wide.

What size pulls for 36 inch drawer?

Pulls 3-7 inches in length will sit the most comfortably on doors less than 24 inches tall. Cabinet doors 24-36 inches tall are best adorned with pulls 7-12 inches long, while cabinets taller than 36 inches such as pantries, built-in appliances and pullouts should be accompanied by pulls longer than 12 inches.

How do you center drawer handles?

Move the ruler across the drawer front diagonally in the other direction, from top right corner to bottom left corner. Trace the inner line of the ruler. Where the two lines intersect is the center point of the drawer, centered horizontally and vertically.

Are all drawer pulls the same size?

Consistent Size Throughout There is no right or wrong size to choose, but we do recommend choosing pulls that have at least a 3-3/4″ center to center (the distance between the screw holes).

Which is better knobs or pulls?

In many instances, knobs make it easier to open upper cabinets. Pulls, on the other hand, offer easier operation of lower cabinets. Just take a look at this Victorian kitchen. You’ll notice that all the upper cabinets have knobs, while the majority of the lower cabinets feature pulls.

What does center to center mean when measuring drawer pulls?

The Center-to-Center of any drawer pull is the distance between the center of one screw hole to the center of the other. Measuring the center-to-center of the drawer pull is key in determining what new hardware will fit and whether you’ll need to drill new mounting holes or fit into existing ones.

Can you mix door pulls and knobs?

Yes. You can mix knobs and pulls. It’s recommended to use pulls for cabinets that are higher up and knobs for lower style cabinets. Lower drawers that slide are typically fitted with a pull handle.