What size should a tragus piercing be?

✨ Tragus piercings, like all ear cartilage piercings, are typically pierced with a 16 gauge needle, which is 1.2mm thick. By comparison, your standard lobe piercing uses a 20 gauge needle, which is 0.81mm thick. Ideally, you should wear 16 gauge jewelry in your tragus to prevent your piercing from shrinking.

What jewelry should a tragus be pierced with?

Ideally, the best types of earrings for this type of piercing would be barbells, cuffs, mini hoops, labret studs, and internally threaded jewelry. One of the most popular types of tragus piercing jewelry is ball-shaped studs. The size fits seamlessly and it’s a piece I’d recommend for tragus newbies.

What is the bump on my tragus piercing?

Unfortunately, bumps are relatively common with cartilage piercings. They can form soon after your initial piercing or long after it’s truly healed. If you still have a bump after the initial swelling subsides, it may be: a pustule, which is a blister or pimple that contains pus.

Can a tragus be too small to pierce?

It’s uncommon for a tragus to be too small, but it does happen. Trying to pierce this area can result in piercing behind the tragus if it is not large enough. This can affect your ability to chew.

Why do I have a keloid on my tragus piercing?

Keloids from piercings As wounds heal, fibrous scar tissue starts to replace old skin tissue. Sometimes your body makes too much scar tissue, leading to keloids. This extra tissue starts to spread out from the original wound, causing a bump or small mass that’s larger than the original piercing.

Is it okay to start stretching at 14G?

Getting Started The starting point for most people is 14g, which is just slightly larger than a regular earring. If you’ve only recently healed from a regular ear piercing, you may want to start out with 16g tapers, just to be on the safe side.

What’s the standard size for a tragus piercing?

As for tragus piercing, 1,2mm (16G) is the standard and most common gauge size. It’s also the size that is generally used as first piercing jewel during healing. Less common, it is possible to wear piercing jewels with a 1,6mm (14G) gauge at your tragus.

What kind of earrings are made of tragus?

NEW! CZ Tiny Teardrop piercing, Tragus earring, Dainty earring, Barbells, Teardrop stud, Cartilage earring, CZ stud, Helix, Conch, Rook 1 pair of mini piercing hoop earrings in gold, silver & rosé in stainless steel.

Where is the best place to buy tragus jewelry?

If you’re buying tragus jewelry online, we recommend starting your search on Etsy and Amazon. There’s a wide range of options and you’ll surely be able to find what you’re looking for. If you are looking for a handmade or unique option, Etsy is probably the one place you shouldn’t skip.

Is it painful to get a tragus ear piercing?

The tragus is one of the more painful types of ear piercings because it deals with thicker cartilage. Feel your tragus and you’ll notice that it’s thick and hard – then imagine a needle having to go through that. While it might not be as painful as it seems, tragus piercings do require pressure and takes time to complete.