What should I major in if I want to be an ultrasound technician?

Bachelor’s DegreeApproximately 4 years.Typically results in a Bachelor of Science Degree with a. specialization in diagnostic medical sonography.Prepares students to become a practicing sonographer.Choosing a program that is accredited through CAAHEP is. May provide students with more job opportunities due to the.

Can I be an ultrasound tech with a radiography degree?

You can be an ultrasound tech with a radiology degree if you take additional courses or training. Some states or employers will also require a license in medical sonography. With a radiology degree, you can apply for a one-year certificate program and quickly become an ultrasound tech.

How much does an ultrasound tech make starting out?

The average starting salary for a sonographer is around $52,770*. Many different factors influence the amount an ultrasound technologist can earn. Typically, sonographers earn more than similar healthcare professions, and additionally have the potential to increase their salary.

Who makes more money RN or ultrasound tech?

Average Pay Comparison Ultrasound technicians, also called diagnostic medical sonographers, received an average of $31.90 per hour or $66,360 per year. Registered nursing is a much larger profession; the BLS counted 2,633,980 registered nurses nationwide as of 2012, compared to 57,700 ultrasound technicians.

Do ultrasound techs work 12 hour shifts?

A: A sonographer usually works an eight-hour shift and during that time completes 10-12 or more ultrasound scans along with required paperwork and documentation. This involves interaction with patients, physicians and other health care professionals. The sonographer provides quality patient care.

Is Ultrasound Tech a stressful job?

Diagnostic medical sonographer was rated as the least stressful job. The position involves using medical imaging equipment like ultrasound machines.

How many days do ultrasound techs work?

Schedule. Ultrasound technicians usually work a regular 40-hour week. However, some work overtime, including on-call emergency shifts for those working in hospitals. Techs who work for a medical lab that serves in-home clients may also have to travel to perform testing.

Is being an ultrasound tech dangerous?

The risks are quite small, except for the odd-percentage of high-risk situations leading to permanent incapacitation or disability, when you choose to become an ultrasound tech. Because sonography is a non-radiologic diagnostic procedure, the sonographer is not in danger of being exposed to radiation.

Is sonography better than nursing?

However, many students find that a nursing degree offers significant benefits over a sonography degree, including more overall job opportunities, more focus on direct patient care, greater opportunity to specialize in an area of interest and a predictable processes for career advancement.

Do ultrasound techs wear scrubs?

Typically, sonographers wear medical scrubs. Comfortable shoes are important in this role, as sonographers may be required to bend, stand, and lift for long periods.

Does sonography require math?

Accredited programs in Diagnostic Medical Sonography always have math prerequisites, and one of them is algebra. The requirement makes sense because algebra is used in one or more sonography courses like ultrasound physics.

What’s the difference between sonography and ultrasound tech?

The fact is, there is one main difference between ultrasound and sonography. Even though these professions are sometimes used to imply the same thing, by definition, sonographers use ultrasound technology to create images. So technically, that is the difference between sonography vs ultrasound.

How do I start a career in sonography?

Steps to Become an UltrasonographerStep 1: Earn an Associate’s Degree. While bachelor’s degree and certificate programs are available, most of these imaging professionals earn an associate’s degree in diagnostic medical sonography. Step 2: Gain Experience. Step 3: Obtain Certification.

How much schooling do you need to become a sonographer?

Sonographers must complete postgraduate qualifications to be accepted into sonography roles. Gain an undergraduate degree in science, such as a Bachelor of Applied Science or Bachelor of Nursing at university. These courses will take between 3-4 years to complete full-time.

Can you get a job with a certificate in sonography?

Gaining additional certificates in diagnostic medical sonography can significantly increase job opportunities and salaries. For those who aren’t in the healthcare field yet, this is an excellent way to start an exciting new career. With a certificate, you can start work and continue your education later on.