What senses are sharper in females?

New research shows that women have more cells in the olfactory bulb – the area of the brain that is dedicated to sense of smell – than men. The authors of the study – published in PLOS ONE – suggest this may explain why women are reported to have a better sense of smell than men.

What is the sixth sense of a woman?

Intuition, or a sixth sense, is something many of us rely on for snap judgments and often life-altering decisions.

Why do guys scratch balls?

The most common causes of itchy testicles are irritation and fungal infections from poor hygiene or excess sweating. Regularly bathing and applying lotion and powder can prevent most cases. The itchiness can also be caused by STDs like genital herpes, gonorrhea, and chlamydia.

Why do women have better sense of touch than men?

People with smaller fingers have a finer sense of touch (or tactile acuity ), according to a 2009 study published in the Journal of Neuroscience, giving women—who tend to be smaller overall—yet another advantage over men.

Why are women more likely to have a sixth sense?

To suggest that women are more likely to have this “gut instinct” than men is also pretty controversial. Perhaps it is just that us women are, by nature, simply more intuitive than men. Alternatively it could be argued that women don’t have a sixth sense, they just think differently to men.

Where can I buy womensense at a health food store?

Only WomenSense ® has a full line of women’s products found exclusively in health food stores or specialty pharmacies providing safe, multi-symptom relief of hormone imbalances resulting from stress, estrogen dominance, perimenopause, menopause and low thyroid.

Why do women have a better sense of smell than men?

From an evolutionary perspective an enhanced sense of smell may have helped women choose mates for reproductive purposes. Considering how closely smell and taste are related, it’s not surprising that women also tend to have more sensitive palates than men.