What school did Li Cunxin go to?

Beijing Dance Academy
Li Cunxin/Education

What happened to Li Cunxin parents?

The Museum of Brisbane features rare footage of Li’s parents, now deceased, which Li saw for the first time in the exhibition. He found the experience affecting. ‘If it wasn’t for everything that they did we wouldn’t have survived: we would have starved to death.

What was Li Cunxin’s childhood like?

Li was born into bitter poverty in rural Qingdao, China. Certain years the peasants in his village even ate tree barks to survive. Despite the harsh reality of life, his childhood was full of love. The love of his parents gave him hope and courage.

What happened to Maos Last Dancer?

He and Mary McKendry now live in Australia with their three children. Ben Stevenson left the Houston Ballet after 27 years as Artistic Director. Acclaimed as one of the world’s leading choreographers, he is now Artistic Director of the Texas Ballet Theater.

How did Li Cunxin become a ballet dancer?

LI Cunxin became a ballet dancer the old-fashioned way, not for love of art but for love of food The sixth of seven sons, Mr. Li grew up on a commune in rural China at the tail end of Mao Zedong’s disastrous “Great Leap Forward.” In 1972, Mr. Li was one of 44 children chosen to attend Madame Mao’s dance academy in Beijing.

Who is Li Cunxin and what is his profession?

Li Cunxin. Li Cunxin AO (born 26 January 1961) is a Chinese-Australian former ballet dancer turned stockbroker.

When did Li Cunxin join the Cultural Revolution?

It was 1972, the height of Mao’s cultural revolution, and an entire nation was being shoehorned into creating a new communist China. Cunxin had never danced before – his physique simply looked promising – but once in Beijing, he was plunged into a punishing physical regime, designed to make or break him as a future member of Mao’s ballet.

Who was Li Cunxin married to in Australia?

He guested with companies all over the world, in a repertory more dizzyingly varied than anything he could have performed in China. In London, he met and married the ballerina Mary McKendry and, in 1995, he transferred to the Australian troupe. Li Cunxin in Australia, 2006. Photograph: The Sydney Morning Herald/Fairfax Media via Getty Images