What kind of spark plug does a Yamaha Timberwolf 250 take?

NGK Standard Sparkplug D7EA for Yamaha TIMBERWOLF 250 4X4 1994-2000

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What size spark plug does a Yamaha?

16mm, 18 mm or 13/16 are the three sizes for Yamaha..

How much is a Yamaha Timberwolf 250 worth?


Suggested List Price Average Retail
Base Price $3,549 $690
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Total Price $3,549 $690

How do I know my spark plug size?

The letter “E” indicates the reach of the spark plug, that is, the length of the threads. There are two size reaches currently being used in motorcycles and ATVs. “H” indicates a 1/2″ reach, while “E” indicates a 3/4″ reach. The letter “A” indicates some type of special feature.

What size socket do I need for NGK spark plugs?

Most spark plugs require a 5/8″ (16mm) size spark plug socket.

How fast does a Yamaha Timberwolf go?

Probably 50mph! Mine does a little under 50 on the road.

How much is a 1994 Yamaha Timberwolf worth?


Excellent $2,480
Very Good $1,635
Good $825
Fair $375
Poor N/A

What happens if you use the wrong size spark plug?

Each type of spark plug has a different internal resistor depending on the vehicle and the engine specifications. Fitment of a spark plug with a different resistor to that recommended by the manufacturer can result in poor engine performance and permanent damage to components in the vehicles electrical system.

What happens if the spark plug gap is wrong?

If the spark plug gap is incorrectly set, it can lead to engine issues. The customer may experience loss of power, misfires, spark plug fouling, increased plug wear, or poor gas mileage.

Do spark plugs come pre gapped?

Do Spark Plugs Always Have to Be Gapped? In the past, it was necessary to gap spark plugs, but today spark plugs are usually pre-gapped. It is advisable to double check that the gap is correctly set to the vehicle’s recommended setting when installing spark plugs.