What kind of bank is Societe Generale?

universal bank
Société Générale is a universal bank. The Group consists of three main pillars backed by two business lines. Société Générale is often nicknamed SocGen (pronounced “sock jenn”) in the international financial world.

Is Societe Generale state owned?

Société Générale’s stockholders were duly bought out by the government, and the company became a state-controlled bank. But like all of the nationalized banks, Société Générale retained its essential individuality and autonomy.

Who owns Soc Gen?

Breakdown of capital as of 31 December 2020

Shareholders % of capital stock % of voting rights
Group employee share ownership 6.87% 11.18%
BlackRock, Inc 8.20% 7.62%
The Capital Group Companies, Inc 7.20% 6.69%
Amundi 5.05% 4.69%

Where is Societe Generale headquarters?

Paris, France
Société Générale/Headquarters

What is special about Societe Generale?

Throughout its more than 150 years of existence, Societe Generale has provided the financing needed for the world to transition from one development model to another. Societe Generale is a sustainable and solid bank with proven solidity on which customers can count.

How many employees does Societe Generale have?

Active in the real economy for over 150 years, with a solid position in Europe and connected to the rest of the world, Societe Generale has over 138.000 members of staff* in 62 countries and supports on a daily basis 29 million individual clients, businesses and institutional investors(1) around the world by offering a …

What does Soc Gen do?

Founded by a group of entrepreneurs in 1864 “to promote the development of trade and industry in France”, Societe Generale is today one of the leading European financial services groups.

Is Societe Generale a bank in France?

Société Générale, in full Société Générale pour Favoriser le Développement du Commerce et de l’Industrie en France, major French commercial bank operating a general-banking and foreign-exchange business worldwide. Headquarters are in Paris.

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Established in 2005, headquartered in Mumbai, ALD Automotive have direct presence in Mumbai, Delhi, Hyderabad, Chennai, Pune and Bengaluru and an operational reach in all the major cities across India.

Is Societe Generale a commercial bank?

Societe Generale was established in India in the year 1978. In 1985, Societe Generale Bank commenced operations as a Scheduled Commercial Bank in Mumbai. Since then it has a proud legacy of servicing corporate’s and clients.

How did the Societe Generale get its name?

Société Générale is one of the oldest banks in France. Founded in 1864, its original name was Société Générale pour favoriser le développement du commerce et de l’industrie en France (English: General Company to Support the Development of Commerce and Industry in France). 1864–1893

When did Societe Generale finance the Eiffel Tower?

In 1886, Société Générale was part of the bank consortium (along with the Franco-Egyptian Bank and the Crédit Industriel et Commercial) that financed the construction of the Eiffel Tower. From 1871 to 1893, France went through a period of economic gloom marked by the failure of several banking establishments.

When did Societe Generale first settle in Russia?

Société Générale first settled in Russia through the Severnyi bank in 1901, before merging with the Russo-Asian bank in 1910, which held a majority stake in the Chinese Eastern Railway. It also invested in Russian industry including such companies as the Rutchenko Coal Company and the Makeevka Steel Company.

What kind of bank is ExpressBank in Bulgaria?

Expressbank AD (formerly Societe General Expressbank) has been operating in Bulgaria for more than 20 years, providing a broad range of retail and corporate banking products and services.