What is there to do in Timaru for kids?

Family and Kids in Timaru

  • Caroline Bay. Visit to experience unparalleled fun for kids.
  • South Canterbury Museum. A place for children with all kinds of interests.
  • Castle Claremont. A guaranteed fun space for the kids.
  • Sacred Heart Basilica.
  • Movie Max.
  • Aigantighe Art Gallery.
  • Tuhawaiki Point Lighthouse.
  • Timaru Botanic Gardens.

What is there to do in Timaru today?

13 Best Things to Do in Timaru

  • Visit the South Canterbury Museum.
  • Watch the Little Blue Penguins.
  • Check Out the Aigantighe Art Gallery.
  • Get the New Zealand Boutique Shopping Experience at Black & Co.
  • Pick Up Quirky Kiwi Gifts from Tuesday.
  • Catch the Timaru Farmers Market.
  • Wander Around the Timaru Botanic Gardens.

What is Timaru well known for?

Timaru is an agricultural service town and port for the South Canterbury regional economy. Timaru is one of the major cargo ports of the South Island, with a number of light manufacturing plants associated with the export and import trade. Timaru is the second largest fishing port in New Zealand.

What island is Timaru on?

South Island
Timaru – Things to see and do – South Island | New Zealand.

What is there to do in Timaru for free?

  • Caroline Bay Beach. 396. Beaches. Open now.
  • Centennial Park. Parks.
  • Timaru Botanic Gardens. Gardens.
  • Aigantighe Art Gallery. Art Galleries.
  • Otipua Wetland. Nature & Wildlife Areas.
  • Sacred Heart Basilica. Churches & Cathedrals.
  • York Street Gallery of Fine Art. Art Galleries. Learn more about this content.

Why is it called Mt Horrible?

Mt Horrible got its name, the story goes, from early European surveyors who had finally got back to town after a hard day in the hills. “One asked the other what kind of day he’d had, and they named it accordingly,” explains Geoff Hayward.

Is Timaru a good place to live?

Timaru District has an easy going, laid-back lifestyle, where the commute to work takes 5- 10 minutes; the median house price is currently $401,000, and among the population of 46,000, there are more than 70 cultural and ethnic groups.

How big is Timaru?

2,737 km²
Timaru District/Area

Is Mount Horrible active?

Mt Tongariro reminded everyone on Monday night that, as volcanoes go, it is very much alive – but experts say Timaru’s own volcano, Mt Horrible, is dead. James White, a vulcanologist and associate professor at the University of Otago, said Mt Horrible can be “confidently considered extinct.”

What is the Kiwi dream?

The New Zealand dream (or the Kiwi dream) centres on the acquisition of a family house on a quarter-acre section, with at least one motor vehicle. The New Zealand dream resembles the Australian Dream. For many New Zealanders this dream could also include a pleasure boat, a bach and a holiday at the beach.

What is the suburb of Timaru?

Seaview is a suburb which lies within the Territorial Authority of Timaru, one of 24 residential suburbs which form the wider region.