What is the plot of fateful findings?

A boy develops amazing mystical powers and uses them as an adult to hack government databases.
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Where did Neil Breen film fateful findings?

Washington, D.C.
Techno-thriller films. Films set in Washington, D.C.

What was the budget of fateful findings?

James Nguyen’s Birdemic lost money on its initial $10K budget but snagged a home media release through genre label Severin Films and hatched a sequel.

When did fateful findings come out?

May 25, 2013
Fateful Findings/Initial release

How old is Neil Breen?

62 years (November 23, 1958)
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How much money has Neil Breen made?

The net worth of Neil Breen is estimated to be 1.5 million dollars. It is assumed that this money is majorly from his film career and also his architectural works.

How many movies has Neil Breen?

Breen is the director of five fiction feature films to date: Double Down (2005), I Am Here…. Now (2009), Fateful Findings (2013), Pass Thru (2016), and Twisted Pair (2018), plus the not-a-documentary Neil Breen Five Film Retrospective (2020) [2].

How did Neil Breen get his money?

He funds his films by the income he gathers from being an architect or via crowdfunding. Breen’s movies tend to have a supernatural nature where the protagonist (always portrayed by himself) is a messianic being who stands up for the greater good by confronting harmful people and powerful / corrupt institutions.

Who killed Commander Alex?

Nabwana I.G.G. Nabwana I.G.G. Who Killed Captain Alex? is a 2010 Ugandan action-comedy film written, produced, and directed by Nabwana Isaac Geoffrey Godfrey (IGG), in Wakaliwood, an ultra low-budget studio in Kampala, Uganda.

Does everybody in Uganda know kung fu?

Conversely, he sees his wives as being expendable. Everybody Was Kung-Fu Fighting: “This is serious! Everybody in Uganda knows kung-fu!” And they mean everyone.

What was the budget for Who Killed Captain Alex?

200 USD
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Who actually killed Captain Alex?

I have a hundred wives, but only one brother. Richard. Richard the Tiger Mafia is the main antagonist of the famous Ugandan action web film Who Killed Captain Alex?. He was portrayed by Sserunya Ernest.