What is the opposite of materialism?

8y. The opposite of Materialism is Idealism. Both Materialism and Idealism are monistic. The opposite of monism is pluralism. The opposite of Empiricism ( a posteriori justification) is considered Rationalism ( a priori justification).

What’s a word for not materialistic?

What is another word for nonmaterialistic?

unworldly immaterial
non-materialistic ethereal
incorporeal metaphysical
mystic intangible
nonmaterial extramundane

What is the synonym of materialism?

as in commercialism, possessiveness. Synonyms & Near Synonyms for materialism. commercialism, possessiveness.

Is materialistic a negative word?

The word materialistic can be defined in various ways, of course, and some behavior is truly “materialistic” in the negative sense and not very admirable. But I think it’s a term that is thrown around a lot, to cover behavior that isn’t as deplorable as often assumed.

What is a materialistic person called?

noun. a person who is markedly more concerned with material things than with spiritual, intellectual, or cultural values. an adherent of philosophical materialism. adjective.

Whats the opposite of a materialistic person?

Opposite of being overly concerned with material possessions and wealth. spiritual. abstemious.

What is the opposite of a materialistic person?

When can you call a person a materialistic person?

Anyone who is obsessively focused on money, or cares deeply about owning luxury goods can be described as materialistic.

How can you tell if someone is materialistic?

17 Signs of A Materialistic Person

  1. They’re always checking their phone.
  2. They place importance on possessions rather than people.
  3. They often talk about money.
  4. When someone else has something nicer than them, they feel inferior.
  5. Their home is usually cluttered with items they don’t use.

Why being materialistic is wrong?

Materialism gets a bad press. But other research shows that materialism is a natural part of being human and that people develop materialistic tendencies as an adaptive response to cope with situations that make them feel anxious and insecure, such as a difficult family relationship or even our natural fear of death.

What are examples of materialistic?

The definition of materialistic is a person who is focused on objects, ownership and wealth. An example of someone materialistic is a friend who is focused on only wearing designer clothing. Being overly concerned with material possessions and wealth.

What is the opposite of materialistic?

Answer : The opposite of “materialistic” is “spiritualistic”. It could also be “ascetic” or “austere”. Both, “ ascetic ” and “austere” are adjectives and their noun forms are “asceticism” and “austerity”, respectively.

What is the antonym of material?

material, stuff(noun) the tangible substance that goes into the makeup of a physical object. “coal is a hard black material”; “wheat is the stuff they use to make bread”. Antonyms: nonmaterial, mental, unworldly, nonphysical, immaterial, intangible.

What is the adjective for materialistic?

As a noun materialism is constant concern over material possessions and wealth; a great or excessive regard for worldly concerns. As a adjective materialistic is being overly concerned with material possessions and wealth.

What is the definition of the term materialistic?

Define materialistic. materialistic synonyms, materialistic pronunciation, materialistic translation, English dictionary definition of materialistic. ) n. 1. Philosophy The doctrine that physical matter is the only reality and that everything, including thought, feeling, mind, and will, can be explained…