What is the most reliable SUV for 2015?

Top-Rated SUVs in the 2015 Quality Award

  • 2015 Cadillac SRX. A 5-passenger premium SUV, the SRX is currently the best-selling model for Cadillac.
  • 2015 Hyundai Santa Fe.
  • 2015 Hyundai Tucson.
  • 2015 Infiniti QX60.
  • 2015 Infiniti QX70.
  • 2015 Kia Sorento.
  • 2015 Lincoln MKX.
  • 2015 Porsche Cayenne.

Is KBB trusted?

The Kelley Blue Book—and its equally popular website—is one of the most trusted guides for automobile pricing, used by those who are buying or selling cars. Kelley assesses the following values: private party value, trade-in value, suggested retail value, and certified pre-owned (CPO) value.

What is the best SUV 2015 to buy?

Top Consumer Rated SUVS of 2015

  • 2015 Ford Flex. View full gallery.
  • 2015 Hyundai Santa Fe Sport. View full gallery.
  • 2015 Lincoln MKX. View full gallery.
  • 2015 Honda Crosstour. View full gallery.
  • 2015 Audi SQ5. View full gallery.
  • 2015 Toyota Sequoia. View full gallery.
  • 2015 BMW X6 M. View full gallery.
  • 2015 BMW X6. View full gallery.

What is the best car of 2015?

Consumer Reports says these are the best cars of 2015

  • Best Compact Car: Subaru Impreza. Subaru.
  • Best Midsize Sedan: Subaru Legacy. Subaru.
  • Best Large Car: Chevrolet Impala V6.
  • Best Luxury Sedan: Audi A6.
  • Best Green Car: Toyota Prius.
  • Best Sports Sedan: Buick Regal.
  • Best Minivan: Honda Odyssey.
  • Best Small SUV: Subaru Forester.

Is KBB trade-in value accurate?

Is Kelly Blue Book accurate? The short answer is no. Let me explain what goes into these price guidelines. Dealers use Kelly Blue Book to establish the value of trade-ins as well as comparing numbers to set their lot prices.

Is Nada better than KBB?

KBB factors in the condition of the vehicle, local market conditions, and popularity of the vehicle, so their prices tend to be a lower than NADA. NADA values tend to lean higher because they assume cars are in good conditions. Insights can be gained from both values, but KBB looks at more factors.

What brand car lasts the longest?

Here are the longest-lasting car brands:

  • Toyota.
  • Honda.
  • Nissan.
  • Ford.
  • GMC.
  • Chevy.
  • Subaru.
  • Lexus.

What’s wrong with GMC Terrain?

The GMC Terrain has the most complaints for its early years, with 107 submitted for 2010; 128 for 2011; 72 for 2012; and 46 for 2013. The three biggest problems across all the model years are excessive oil consumption (in 2011), transmission failure (in 2010), and excessive oil consumption again (in 2010).

How does Kelley Blue Book use KBB data?

As with the information provided by Dealer Groups, this data is not customer-specific or confidential. We leverage the over 19 million unique visitors to KBB.com to gain insights into their vehicle preferences at the year, model and trim level when they visit KBB.com. The information is then used to determine consumer demand.

Is the Kelley Blue Book a trusted name?

Since 1926, Kelley Blue Book has been one of the most trusted names in the auto industry. You might say we literally “wrote the book on car values”. And today there’s no better place to find the value of your current car than KBB.com.

Do you have to negotiate price with KBB?

Then you usually have to negotiate the price. Not to worry. KBB.com has the knowledge and expertise to give you the information to buy with confidence. As a reference, we provide a Typical Listing Price that’s based on the asking prices you might see at the dealership.

How many geographic regions does kbb.com use?

KBB.com understands the importance of providing pricing that is geographically relevant to dealers and consumers. In order to better meet the needs of the industry, we produce values based on 134 geographic regions.