What is the meaning Ofspry?

: able to move quickly, easily, and lightly : nimble sense 1 —used especially to describe an older person a spry 75-year-old…

What does it mean to be nimble?

1 : quick and light in motion : agile nimble fingers a nimble climber. 2a : marked by quick, alert, clever conception (see conception sense 3), comprehension (see comprehension sense 1a), or resourcefulness a nimble mind nimble investors.

Is Spryly a word?

1. Moving or performing quickly, lightly, and easily: agile, brisk, facile, nimble, quick. 2.

What’s the definition of wretches?

1 : a miserable person : one who is profoundly unhappy or in great misfortune. 2 : a base, despicable, or vile person.

What does spry mean in text?

The definition of spry is someone (especially an older person) who is lively, nimble and active. A vibrant and active 70-year-old who is out playing golf and tennis every day is an example of someone who would be described as spry.

What does I am spry mean?

Someone, especially an old person, who is spry, is lively and active. The old gentleman was as spry as ever. Synonyms: active, sprightly, lively, quick More Synonyms of spry.

How would you describe a nimble person?

Quick, clever, and acute in devising or understanding. The definition of nimble is someone who is spry, and quick to move or understand. An example of someone who would be described as nimble is a gymnast who is graceful and flexible.

Does Agile mean nimble?

agile – Means having quick motion and being nimble, from Latin agere, “to do.” wieldy – Means “easily controlled or handled,” and once meant “agile, nimble.”

What does ISM mean in capitalism?

ism /ˈɪzəm/ n. [ countable] a distinctive belief, theory, system, or practice; anything that could be referred to by a word with the suffix -ism:capitalism, socialism, and other isms.

What is the synonym of spry?

sprightly, lively, energetic, active, full of life, full of energy, vigorous, spirited, animated, vivacious, playful, jaunty, perky, frisky, agile, nimble. informal chipper, sparkly, zippy, zappy, full of vim and vigour, full of beans.

Who is a wretched person?

1 : deeply afflicted, dejected, or distressed in body or mind. 2 : extremely or deplorably bad or distressing was in wretched health a wretched accident. 3a : being or appearing mean, miserable, or contemptible dressed in wretched old clothes. b : very poor in quality or ability : inferior wretched workmanship.

What is the definition of leadership in leadership?

The leadership definition is often misunderstood: Leadership isn’t something you’re either born with or without, but a powerful skill that can be developed over time. In fact, you’ve probably taken on leadership roles in your life that you didn’t even realize at the time.

How does a paternalistic style of leadership work?

The way a paternalistic leader works is by acting as a parental figure by taking care of their subordinates as a parent would. In this style of leadership the leader supplies complete concern for their followers or workers. In return they receive the complete trust and loyalty of their people.

Which is the best description of a leadership style?

The laissez-faire leadership style is where all the rights and power to make decisions is fully given to the followers. This was first described by Lewin, Lippitt, and White in 1939, along with the autocratic leadership and the democratic leadership styles.

Why is clarity of responsibilities important in leadership?

Clarity about duties and responsibilities, as maximized by the autocratic chain of command, is not only essential to warfare but has undoubted importance for most group enterprises. In fact, any departure from an essentially military type of leadership is still considered in some circles a form of anarchy.