What is the meaning of Mobily?

Mobily is the trade name launched in May 2005 by Saudi Arabia’s second Telecommunications company, Etihad-Etisalat consortium . The company, as the winning bidder for Saudi Arabia’s second GSM licence in 2004, provides mobile telecom services nationwide, breaking Saudi Telecom’s monopoly in the wireless business.

Does Etisalat own Mobily?

Etihad Etisalat (Mobily) is a Saudi company established in 2004. The Company’s major shareholders are Etisalat Emirates Group (27.99%) and the General Organization for Social Insurance (6.90%). The remaining shares are owned by institutional and retail investors.

What is the code of Mobily?

You can request the service through any of the following options: For USSD dial *405# or *430# and for SMS send 405 or 430 to 1100 and for emergency data bundle dial *403# or send 403 to 1100.

How many telecommunications are there in Saudi Arabia?

STC and GO Telecom are the two fixed telecommunication licensed entities in the Kingdom. STC, Mobily and Zain Saudi Arabia are the three long-established mobile network operators, who launched their commercial 4G long-term evolution (“LTE”) broadband services in 2011 and now compete for LTE subscribers.

What is the code to activate Mobily Internet pack?

  1. Validity : All Plans Validities are 4 Weeks.
  2. For Activation : Send Activation SMS Code to 1100.
  3. To Cancel Automatic Renewal : Add ‘0’ with your activation SMS code(ex: 030,075,0150), send to 1100.
  4. To Check Mobily Balance : Send 4 to 1411.
  5. Social Media : Youtube, Snapchat, Whatsapp, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook.

How can I check Mobily balance?

You can check your Mobily SIM balance by dialling *1411# on your mobile phone. Your balance will be displayed on your mobile screen immediately.

What is another name for Etisalat?

Emirates Telecommunication Group Company PJSC
Emirates Telecommunication Group Company PJSC (Arabic: مؤسسة الإمارات للاتصالات‎, Mu’asissat al-‘Imārāt lil-‘Ittiṣālāt, literally, “Emirates Institute for Communications”), branded trade name Etisalat (Arabic: اتصالات‎ ittiṣālāt, literally “communications”), is a multinational Emirati based telecommunications services …

Which country owns Etisalat network?

Until 2017, 9Mobile was called Etisalat Nigeria, a brand name it inherited from one of its major shareholders, the UAE’s Emirates Telecommunication Group Company.

How can I get unlimited data in Mobily?

If the customer has unlimited data on his current package, he will not be eligible to activate the service….More Details.

How to subscribe
sms Send 441 to 1100 – Daily Send 447 to 1100 – Weekly Send 440 to 1100 – Monthly
Web portal My Mobily -> My servies -> Messaging

How much is Mobily unlimited Internet?

Enjoy a fast internet connection on your smartphone and all your devices.

Data Bundle Validity Monthly Fee
Unlimited 1 Month SAR 373.75

Which mobile network is best in Saudi Arabia?

STC and Mobily dominate our awards table. Both STC and Mobily have added to their awards tally since our last report, with STC increasing its haul from three to five by taking the 4G Availability award from Zain and winning our new 4G Coverage Experience Award.

Is there 5G in Saudi Arabia?

In this report Opensignal quantifies the real-world 5G experience in Saudi Arabia for the first time….Opensignal Awards Table.

Mobile Experience Awards Winners January 2021, Saudi Arabia
5G Download Speed Z Zain
5G Availability Z Zain

What is the meaning of the word Mobily?

Here are all the possible meanings and translations of the word Mobily. Etihad Etisalat Co. (Arabic: اتحاد اتصالات‎) is a Saudi Arabian telecommunications services company that offers fixed line, mobile telephony, and Internet services under the brand name Mobily (Arabic: موبايلي‎).

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Techopedia explains Telecommunications. Telecommunications is a universal term that is used for a vast range of information-transmitting technologies such as mobile phones, land lines, VoIP and broadcast networks. In telecommunications, data is transmitted in the form of electrical signals known as carrier waves,…

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