What is the greatest diss track ever?

You’ll be in for a treat.

  • 1) Boogie Down Productions’ “The Bridge Is Over”
  • 2) “Takeover” by Jay Z.
  • 3) Eminem’s “Quitter/Hit Em Up Freestyle”
  • 4) Drake’s “Duppy Freestyle”
  • 5) Pusha-T’s “The Story of Adidon”
  • 6) Ice Cube’s “No Vaseline”
  • 7) Ma$e’s “The Oracle”
  • 8) Dame DOLLA’s “Reign Reign Go Away”

Who started diss rap?

In the 1980s, diss tracks began to feature prominently in the hip-hop genre. The first known hip-hop feud (or “beef”) was the Roxanne Wars. The Roxanne Wars began in 1984 when Roxanne Shanté and Marley Marl released the song “Roxanne’s Revenge”, a diss track aimed at the trio U.T.F.O.

What are the best diss rap lines?

Eminem, MGK and the 20 greatest diss songs in rap history

  • T.I. – “99 Problemz (But Lil’ Flip Ain’t One)”
  • Pusha T – “Story of Adidon”
  • Lauryn Hill – “Lost Ones”
  • Kool Moe Dee – “How Ya Like Me Now”
  • 50 Cent – “Back Down”
  • Drake – “Back to Back”
  • DJ Quick – “Dollaz + Sense”
  • Roxanne Shante – “Roxanne’s Revenge”

Who did MC Lyte diss?

10% Dis is a single from MC Lyte’s album Lyte as a Rock produced by the hip hop duo Audio Two, who are also credited as songwriters. The song was a diss track to then-Hurby Azor associate Antoinette, who she accuses of having “stole the beat” to the Audio Two hit Top Billin’.

What does Diss stand for?


Acronym Definition
DISS Direction des Interventions Sanitaires et Sociales (French: Directory of Health and Social Services)
DISS Database of Individual Seismogenic Sources
DISS Defense Information System for Security
DISS DOE Integrated Security System

Why do rappers diss each other?

Diss tracks are a staple in the rap game by adding even more competition to the battle to take over the rap genre. Rappers hit the studio with the intention to tear someone down with a song and sometimes they’ll put out diss tracks back to back giving the fans a bunch of new material from their favorite artists.

Who dissed NWA?

“No Vaseline,” Ice Cube Royalty issues caused by manager Jerry Heller tore N.W.A. apart, with Ice Cube leaving the group in 1989. Over the course of two albums following his departure, his former crew ripped into the rapper, calling him a Benedict Arnold for leaving.

What’s the difference Dre Diss?

Dre. Quik explains on the outro of “Youz a Ganxta” that his 2000 song “U Ain’t Fresh” was intended as a diss at the Good Doctor. He says that he felt Dre had dissed him on the Xzibit and Eminem-featured song “What’s the Difference” with the line about the N.W.A. reunion, and decided to respond.

What is the hardest diss track of all time?

1/13The best diss tracks ever

  • Hit ‘Em Up – Tupac. Despite the hilarious video there’s no doubting how angry Tupac was recording this one.
  • No Vaseline – Ice Cube.
  • The Story of Adidon – Pusha T.
  • The Warning – Eminem.
  • Kick In The Door – The Notorious B.I.G.
  • Shether – Remy Ma.
  • F*** Wit’ Dre Day – Dr Dre ft Snoop Dogg.
  • Ether – Nas.

Who won Jay-Z or Nas?

At one point, they even took a poll about the beef, with 58% of listeners saying they preferred “Ether” to “Supa Ugly”. The consensus seemed to point to Nas as the winner.

When did diss tracks start in hip hop?

In the 1980s, diss tracks began to feature prominently in the hip-hop genre. The first known hip-hop feud (or “beef”) was the Roxanne Wars.

Which is the most famous hip hop diss bar?

Love and war rules in full effect. Therefore, in honor of Pusha T’s ruthless retaliation to Drake’s “Duppy,” relive some of the most merciless bars in hip-hop history. Hip-hop historians tend to look back on the Jay-Z vs Nas beef with a certain fondness, dubbing it one of the genre’s iconic feuds.

What is the history of hip hop music?

Explore significant events in hip hop history and its explosive evolution. Hip hop is more than music; it’s a cultural movement that incorporates different elements of art. Four foundational elements characterize hip hop culture.

Are there any songs that diss Hip Hop?

While musicians from other genres have had disagreements in the past, and even have written songs about one another (the John Lennon/Paul McCartney beef comes to mind), for the most part they communicate their dislike in a more subtle fashion than those in the hip hop realm.