What is the function of uplink?

The uplink port is used to connect a device to other higher-speed ones in the topology or smaller local network to a larger network. For example, the edge switch connects “up” to the distribution layer managed switch.

How do I connect two switches to a uplink port?

You do this by one of two ways: 1) Use a “crossover” cable to connect a “Normal” port on one hub to a “Normal” port on the other. 2) Use a regular UTP (Unshielded Twisted Pair) cable to connect the “Uplink” port on one hub to a “Normal” port on the other.

What is a uplink and downlink in networking?

In satellite telecommunication, a downlink is the link from a satellite down to one or more ground stations or receivers, and an uplink is the link from a ground station up to a satellite.

Why are there two uplink ports?

2 Answers. The “uplink” port on your SOHO switch is internally crossed over. It relieves you of having to use a crossover cable to connect two switches.

Can I use normal port as uplink port?

Conclusion. In fact, uplink port can serve as normal port. Therefore, there are no big differences between them. The only difference is that uplink port is connected to higher layer network device to aggregate the bandwidth and must be connected to the normal port on another network device.

What does 10g uplink mean?

For example, by putting a 10Gb uplink on a 1Gb Ethernet switch, it would let 10 devices on the switch communicate at 1Gb each at the same time with the rest of the network. Otherwise if the uplink was only 1Gb, those 10 devices would only be able to get about 100Mb each.

Can I connect uplink port to uplink port?

An Ethernet cable can be used to connect the uplink port on a router to the uplink port on a switch to expand a network. As an example, a router may only contain 5 Ethernet ports, whereas the switch has 24. Connecting both devices together using the uplink port provides a total of 29 Ethernet ports.

Is uplink the same as transmit?

Downlink: This is the frequency that the repeater uses to transmit. In other words, when people talk on this repeater, this is the frequency you use to hear them. Uplink: The receiver listens on this frequency. If you want to talk to people who are listening to this repeater, you need to transmit on this frequency.

What is the difference between trunk port and uplink port?

11 Replies. An uplink port would be used to pass traffic to another switch or router or network device. A trunk port would be used to pass VLAN traffic between two switches or other network devices.

Why uplink is more than downlink?

The uplink frequency is higher than that of the down because the transmit amplifier in the down link has a limited power supply power budget as it is on board of the satellite where the satellite is powered by photovoltaic generators.

What is meant by uplink?

1 : a communications channel for transmissions to a spacecraft or satellite also : the transmissions themselves. 2 : a facility on earth for transmitting to a spacecraft or satellite.

Can I use uplink port as normal port?