What is the default password for DSL 2750u?

On the opened page, enter the username (login) and password for the administrator account (by default, the following username and password are specified: admin, admin). Then click the Enter button.

How configure DSL 2640B router?

Setup TM Dlink DSL-2640B Wireless Router Modem

  1. Open browser, type “192.168.
  2. Enter Streamyx ID & password, protocol select as PPPoE, connection type select Vc-Mux or LLC depends on your DSLAM.
  3. Enter your wireless SSID name and WEP key.
  4. In order to get a more secure wireless, select WPA.

How do I reset my Dlink 2640?

How to reset a router to factory defaults

  1. Step 1: Find the reset button. There should be a tiny reset button.
  2. Step 2: Push the reset button. While the router is on, push and hold the reset button.
  3. Step 3: Hold the reset button.
  4. Step 4: Reboot the router.
  5. Step 5: Log in to the router.

How do I find my DSL username and password?

Open a web browser and type the router’s IP address which would be either or in the address bar and press Enter. You are prompted to log into the router. The default username is admin and the default password is password. The username and password are case-sensitive.

How can I find my DSL 2750U WIFI password?

Security checklist for Dlink DSL-2750U router

  1. To login to Dlink DSL-2750U Router, Open your web browser and type the default IP Address in the address bar.
  2. The default username for your Dlink DSL-2750U router is admin and the default password is admin.

How do I reset the password on my DLink router?

10 Steps To Reset DLink Router Password

  1. Get the IP address of your router.
  2. Open a web browser from your computer and type the router’s IP address in the search field.
  3. When the login screen appears, click the drop-down menu and select the Admin option.
  4. Provide the administrator password and select OK.

How do I change my DSL username and password?

DSL Modem Wireless Password Change

  1. Open an Internet Browser (Safari, Chrome, Firefox, etc.)
  2. Enter the username and password.
  3. Navigate to the bottom of the page and select Network Settings.
  4. Under the tab Basic Wireless Setup.
  5. To save all the changes you made, click Apply.

What is the password for the D-Link DSL 2640b router?

The Default D-Link DSL-2640B Router Password is: admin Enter your username and password, and then click the Login button to log in to your Dlink DSL-2640B router. If your username and password do not work then please visit our Default D-Link Router Passwords page.

How do I enable wireless security on my dsl-2640b?

Step 1 Open a web browser and type the IPaddress of the DSL-2640B router into the address bar (default ishttp:// Press Enter. Step 2 The default username is admin (all lowercase) and the default password is admin (all lower case). Click on OK. Step 3 Click on the Setup tabat the top and then click on Wireless on theleft-hand side.

Which is better DSL 2640b or ADSL2 +?

The DSL-2640B supports the latest ADSL2/2+ standards to provide higher performance (up to 24Mbps* downstream and 3.5Mbps* upstream) and longer reach from your Internet Service Provider’s (ISP) Digital Subscriber Line Access Multiplexer (DSLAM).