What is the cost to visit the Colosseum?

Admission fees for the Colosseum in Rome are as follows: The Colosseum Tickets for adults cost 12 euros. There is a reduced fee for EU-citizens aged between 18 and 25. Teenagers and children under 18, as well as handicapped persons and their assistant are free.

What day is Colosseum closed?

When is the Colosseum closed? The Colosseum is closed three days a year: December 25th, January 1st, and May 1st.

What time does Palatine hill close?

All the sites of the Forum-Palatine will be open from 10:00 am to 6:15 pm (last admission 6:00 pm). An exception is the Schola Praeconum, which is open 10:30-5:30 (last admission 5:15).

How long is the Colosseum tour?

How long will it take to visit the Colosseum? It will take around 1 hour to visit the Colosseum by yourself, which also includes enough time to take some photos, and of course, selfies. Guided tours usually last between an hour and a half and an hour and forty five minutes.

Is it worth going inside Colosseum?

Yes, go inside, it’s such an awesome sight from the inside! Book a tour to skip most of the line. I would recommend you go inside at least once. Many people’s favorite experience is standing in the stands looking out over the arena.

Can you touch the Colosseum?

The oils from our fingers are acidic and after decades and decades of people touching things, parts of the Colosseum that are within arms reach are being worn smooth by tourists, and in order to preserve the ruins for as long as possible, look with your eyes, not your hands.

What is the best day to visit the Colosseum?

The best time of day to visit the Colosseum is right at opening (8:30 AM) or 1-2 hours before closing, which changes throughout the year and is based on the sunset time. Plan to arrive at least 30 minutes before opening to breeze through the entrance.

Can you visit the Colosseum at night?

Normally the gates close after dark, but it is now possible to visit the Colosseum at night. Normal entrance to the Colosseum only allows access to certain levels, but with a night tour, you can also see the underground area of the theater.

Is Palatine Hill Worth seeing?

Entry to the Palatine Hill is already included with your Colosseum ticket, so yes, you should definitely visit it! At the very least, a visit to the Palatine Hill will give you one of the most stunning panoramic views over Ancient Rome.

What is the best time to visit Colosseum?

The best time to visit the open-air Colosseum is during the low season from November through March. Relatively mild winter temperatures make it easier to properly explore the Colosseum. Also keep in mind that tourism, and crowds, briefly increase during Christmas and Easter holidays.

Is it worth going inside the Colosseum?

My two cents worth: if you can get a timed entry ticket into the Colosseum, it is well worth entering. If not and the lines are long, don’t miss other things in Rome because you are standing in line to get into the Colosseum.