What is the average cost of a fiberglass pool installed?

Fiberglass pools are affordable and low-maintenance pool options. Fiberglass pools cost between $20,000 and $85,000, or $52,500 on average. The more budget-friendly options involve DIY installation and don’t include accessories like cement patios, while those on the higher end include all the bells and whistles.

How much does a 12×20 fiberglass pool cost?

Fiberglass Swimming Pool Pricing by Size

Size Average Price
10×20 $17,000-$35,000
10×30 $25,000-$55,000
12×16 $15,000-$32,000
12×20 $20,000-$45,000

How long do fiberglass pools really last?

Most fiberglass pools are known to last 25-30 years, but we take that to the next level. Our manufacturer, Narellan Pools, makes the best fiberglass pools around. Their unique fiberglass formula results in a pool that can last as long as 50 years! Plus, these pools are notoriously easy to maintain.

Why do fiberglass pools crack?

What causes gel coat cracks in fiberglass pools? Gelcoat spider cracks in fiberglass pools are a result of pressure on a given point of the pool shell that exceeds the gelcoat’s ability to flex. This pressure could be a result of improper shipping, improper manufacturing, or improper installation.

Do fiberglass pools crack?

Fiberglass pools have a gel coating that can develop hairline cracks over time. These cracks typically only penetrate the gel coat and do not affect the pool’s structural integrity, nor do they indicate leaks. If you see blisters as well as cracks, this is a sign that the gel coating was applied too thinly.

What are the problems with fiberglass pools?

The most common fiberglass pool problems and solutions

  • Mismatched repairs on some colored gelcoats (solution: solid-color gelcoats)
  • Spider cracks in the gelcoat (solution: a great manufacturer and installer)
  • Pool walls bulging (solution: gravel backfill)