What is SABIC approval?

In July 2009, SABIC received approval from the Chinese government to build a US$3 billion petrochemical complex in China, in order to gain a foothold in the world’s fastest-growing chemicals market.

What is SABIC material?

The SABIC material is STAMAX™ resin, a long glass fiber-filled polypropylene (LGFPP). Use of this low-density material lightens the inner tailgate structure compared to steel and can deliver the required stiffness.

Who owns SABIC Innovative Plastics?

Saudi Aramco
SABIC/Parent organizations

Ranked among the world’s largest petrochemicals manufacturers, SABIC is a public company based in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. 70% of the company’s shares are owned by Saudi Aramco, with the remaining 30% publicly traded on the Saudi stock exchange.

What does SABIC stand for?

The acquisition of this approximately 24.9% stake in Clariant will make SABIC the largest Clariant shareholder….SABIC.

Acronym Definition
SABIC Sample-Band Image Coding (currency counterfeit deterrence technique)

How do I register with SABIC?

It is a two step process

  1. Registration Form Generation: Fill in the information. Generate Registration Request Form.
  2. Upload Signed Registration Form printed on your company letterhead.

Who are SABIC customers?

SABIC will display ULTEM materials in foam, fiber, granulates for injection moulding and in Carbon fiber. Customers are choosing ULTEM materials for a broad range of applications – not just in Aerospace, where they have achieved notable successes, but also in Healthcare, transportation and building & construction.

What does Sabic stand for?

Who bought GE Plastics?

Saudi Basic Industries Corp.
SABIC CEO Al-Mady (center) and GE CEO Immelt (right) sign an $11.6 billion deal in which the Saudi chemical company will acquire GE Plastics. General Electric has agreed to sell its plastics business to Saudi Basic Industries Corp. (SABIC) for $11.6 billion in cash plus the assumption of liabilities.

Who found the oil in Saudi Arabia?

Max Steineke
Max Steineke, an American petroleum geologist who led the discovery of the Dammam oil field in Saudi Arabia in 1938.

How long will Saudi oil reserves last?

Saudi Arabia has proven reserves equivalent to 221.2 times its annual consumption. This means that, without Net Exports, there would be about 221 years of oil left (at current consumption levels and excluding unproven reserves).

How do you become a SABIC distributor?


  1. Receive request for bid and submit bids online.
  2. View and accept purchase orders Submit invoice data to facilitate payments.

How do I get an Aramco approved vendor?

Registration requirements

  1. A valid copy of the Commercial Registration (CR) Certificate.
  2. A valid copy of the Industrial License Certification (manufacturers only)
  3. A valid copy of the SAGIA Certification (if applicable)
  4. A valid copy of the Zakat Certification.
  5. A valid copy of the Value Added Tax (VAT) Certification.