What is pump head after heart surgery?

Postperfusion syndrome, also known as “pumphead”, is a constellation of neurocognitive impairments attributed to cardiopulmonary bypass (CPB) during cardiac surgery.

What is pump head in medical?

For many years, in the surgeon’s locker room (which actually has much in common with other kinds of locker rooms), cardiac surgeons would mention to each other a phenomenon they often referred to as “pump head.” Pump head was a term used to describe impairment in a mental capacity they sometimes noticed in their …

How long can a person stay on a heart bypass machine?

More invasive life support, such as heart/lung bypass, is only maintained for a few hours or days, but patients with artificial hearts have survived for as long as 512 days.

How serious is a quadruple bypass?

If the blockage is severe enough and the blood flow is dramatically decreased or completely stopped, a heart attack is typically the result. 6 It is possible to have several arteries blocked in this manner, which can pose a significant risk to the heart.

Can open heart surgery affect your brain?

Cerebral damage remains a major hazard of open-heart surgery. A one-year follow-up investigation of 100 consecutive patients who underwent open-heart operation for valve replacement revealed an incidence of postoperative cerebral disorders of 37%.

Why is it called pump head after bypass surgery?

Pump head was a term used to describe impairment in a mental capacity they sometimes noticed in their patients following coronary artery bypass surgery. It got this name because the presumption was that cognitive impairment after bypass surgery was related to the use of the cardiopulmonary bypass pump during the procedure.

How is off pump heart bypass surgery different?

Off-pump coronary artery bypass surgery differs from traditional coronary artery bypass surgery, because the heart-lung machine is not used. Rather than stopping the heart, technological advances and new kinds of operating equipment now allow the surgeon to hold stabilize portions of the heart during surgery.

How long does pumphead last after heart bypass?

Pumphead was long suspected from anecdotal and journal reports of patients tested soon after their operations. But only recently did a five-year study of bypass patients indicate that after an initial recovery of mental capabilities in the first few months, the condition often worsens later and persists for years.

What kind of surgery is done without cardiopulmonary bypass?

A desire to improve outcomes after surgery and advances in technology have led surgeons to perform coronary artery bypass surgery without cardiopulmonary bypass, called off-pump bypass (also called “beating heart”) surgery. Traditionally, coronary arterybypass surgery is performed with the assistance of cardiopulmonary bypass.