What is procedure code 36225?

CPT code 36225 describes “Selec- tive catheter placement, subclavian or innominate artery, unilateral, with angiography of the ipsilateral vertebral cir- culation and all associated radiological supervision and in- terpretation, includes angiography of the cervicocerebral arch, when performed.” This involves a catheter …

What CPT code is 93458?

The following CPT/HCPCS codes describe cardiac catheterization.

Code Description
93456 R hrt coronary artery angio
93457 R hrt art/grft angio
93458 L hrt artery/ventricle angio
93459 L hrt art/grft angio

Can CPT code 92928 and 93458 be billed together?

There are certain circumstances where 92928(PCI stent) and 92458(cardiac cath) can be billed together, I have successfully done this, I code the 92928 first (has the higher RVU) and then the 93458 with 26,xs,51.

Does CPT code 93458 need modifier?

modifiers. FOR CPT 93458: If you are reporting only the professional component for the service (93458), you should append professional component modifier 26 to this code. As for modifier 53: This modifier is used to indicate that a surgical procedure was terminated before completion.

What does CPT code 76377 mean?

CPT code 76377 is reported when the 3D post-processing images are reconstructed on an independent workstation with concurrent physician supervision.

What does CPT code 75710 mean?

75710. Angiography, extremity, unilateral, radiological supervision and interpretation. 75716. Angiography, extremity, bilateral, radiological supervision and interpretation. CPT® is a registered trademark of the American Medical Association.

What does CPT code 78452 mean?

Myocardial perfusion imaging
CPT® 78452 — Myocardial perfusion imaging, tomographic (SPECT) (including. attenuation correction, qualitative or quantitative wall motion, ejection fraction by first. pass or gated technique, additional quantification, when performed); Multiple studies, at.

Is CPT code 93458 considered surgery?

CPT® 93458, Under Cardiac Catheterization and Associated Procedures. The Current Procedural Terminology (CPT®) code 93458 as maintained by American Medical Association, is a medical procedural code under the range – Cardiac Catheterization and Associated Procedures.

What is procedure code 99152?

For SVS members who typically treat patients over the age of 5, two CPT codes are important to review: 99152 (Moderate sedation services provided by the same physi- cian or other qualified health care professional perform- ing the diagnostic or therapeutic service that the sedation supports, requiring the presence of …

What does CPT code 71250 mean?

Whether described as chest CT, CT of the chest, or CT of the thorax, all are defined by codes 71250-71270. These scans may be ordered to evaluate abnormal or suspected abnormal areas of the lungs, pleura, chest wall, mediastinum, or to detect a pulmonary embolism.