What is prefect badge?

A prefect badge is given to fifth year students who are chosen to represent their house as prefects. There are two students in each Hogwarts house, a boy and a girl. The prefect badge has a large ‘P’ across a background of the house’s colours, as well as the house symbol (such as a lion for Gryffindor).

What is the role of Head Prefect?

The Head Prefect is usually a student who has achieved remarkable things in many aspects of school life. The Head Prefect is regarded as having the top leadership position at the school and his main duty is to oversee the Prefects and help with their portfolios.

What is school prefect?

In the context of schools, a prefect is a pupil who has been given certain responsibilities in the school, similar to the responsibilities given to a hall monitor or safety patrol members. The Head Prefect may also be the School Captain if that is an appointed position in the school.

Why was Harry not a prefect?

It’s still hard to understand why Dumbledore chose Ron to become Prefect. We know he didn’t choose Harry because he felt Harry had enough on his plate. Ron was never one to follow rules. He had no issue with letting people break them and he wouldn’t even stand up to his own brothers when they stepped out of line.

How prefects are chosen?

Whilst members of the School Council are chosen democratically by children, prefects are identified by the Year 6 team. Prefects are awarded badges that identify them to staff, pupils and visitors. Pupils are selected for their ability to lead others and are, indeed, pupil leaders.

Why do I deserve to be a prefect?

Why would I want to become a prefect? Becoming prefect gives you the chance to help others in ways that you couldn’t before and if you are a good prefect, people look up to you and want to be like you. You can inspire others into doing amazing things.

Is being head girl good on CV?

This position looks great on your CV. When you are applying for a job (especially a position of leadership), being Head Boy/Girl will show your potential employer that you have had experience in leadership and organising things.

Why was Draco made a prefect?

He is giving Draco a chance to show that he is not his father and a chance to step away from the path his father has set out for him. I think it made it easier to keep an eye on him and possibly tie up his time a bit with prefect duties.

Did Lily and James Potter have a boy and girl head?

It’s somewhat ironic, and maybe a little sad, that both of Harry’s parents were Prefects and Head Boy/Head Girl. Lily became Head Girl in her seventh year at Hogwarts. Although between Lily and James, Lily was by far the more responsible of the two.

Why is it important to be a prefect?

The role of Prefect is an important one and if chosen students will be accepting a position of considerable responsibility. It is also a very exciting one and will give the opportunity to develop leadership skills and have significant influence on the daily life of the school.

How can I be a good school prefect?


  1. Observe the school rules at all times.
  2. Be dressed appropriately at all times.
  3. Maintain an excellent attendance record.
  4. Be punctual for your duties.
  5. Maintain a perfect behavioural record.
  6. Be positive and enthusiastic.
  7. Be able to encourage and motivate fellow students.

Does being a prefect look good on a CV?

Becoming a prefect is a great opportunity to master leadership which you will need even in your adulthood. In fact research shows that many successful people in the world today held positions of responsibility while still at school. It is actually good for your CV.