What is MCS value in LTE?

MCS (Modulation and Coding Scheme) defines how many useful bits can be transmitted per Resource Element (RE). MCS depends on radio link quality. The better quality the higher MCS and the more useful data can be transmitted.

How is MCS calculated in LTE?

Most of LTE devices seem like supporting MCS index up to 23 and it turns out Qm =2 (16QAM) is used. If UE is capable of 64QAM in PUSCH, the modulation order would be given by Q’m, which is first read from Table 8.6. 1-1 in TS36.

What is RV LTE?

RV are assigned according to a predefined sequence- 0,2,3,1. Variable CURRENT_IRV is an index into this sequence. When eNB does not send a DCI 0 but sends a NACK on PHICH, then UE performs non-adaptive re-transmission. Work of HARQ entity includes- Maintain a number of HARQ processes.

What is redundancy version in LTE?

The redundancy version tells the UE, about amount of redundancy added into the codeword while turbo encoding. There can be 4 different redundancy versions in LTE corresponding to new transmission, 1st, 2nd or 3rd re-transmission. Number of bits = 2.

What is MCS in 5G?

For any communication technology, Modulation and Coding Scheme (MCS) defines the numbers of useful bits which can carried by one symbol. In contrast with 5G or 4G, a symbol is defined as Resource Element (RE) and MCS defined as how many useful bits can be transmitted per Resource Element (RE) .

How is LTE speed calculated?

If modulation used is 64 QAM (6 bits per symbol) then throughput will be 16.8×6=100.8Mbps for a single antenna port. If we consider a 2×2 MIMO system then this throughput will be double i.e. 100.8×2= 201.6 Mbps and with 4×4 MIMO system then throughput is about 100.8×4= 403.2 Mbps.

What is CQI LTE?

In the LTE system, the CQI is used by the mobile to indicate the channel quality to the eNB. The CQI reported value is between 0 and 15. This indicates the level of modulation and coding the UE could operate.

What is msg3 buffer?

When msg3 is transmitted during initial attach it will be moved to HARQ buffer to handle the retransmission. So msg3 buffer is used to store when UE has msg3. Also MSG3 buffers is sent on SRB0 in initial time.

What is transport block in 5G?

Transport Block in 5G NR, is nothing but the payload which is passed between the MAC and Phy Layers, specifically for the shared data channel such as PDSCH and PUSCH. The transport The transport block consists of up to million bits and the code block consists of up to 8448 bits.