What is King Ezana known for?

Since then, King Ezana became the first King in Africa to receive Christianity and made his Kingdom the first Christian Kingdom in the continent. He minted coins with the sign of cross on them so as to spread his religion throughout his Kingdom and neighboring kingdoms and trading partners.

What religion did King Ezana bring?

Christianity. Aksum embraced the Orthodox tradition of Christianity in the 4th century (c. 340–356 C.E.) under the rule of King Ezana.

Why did King Ezana converted to Christianity?

Ezana’s decision to adopt Christianity was most likely influenced by his desire to solidify his trading relationship with the Roman Empire. Christianity afforded the possibility of unifying the many diverse ethnic and linguistic peoples of the Aksumite kingdom, a goal of Ezana’s leadership.

What did King Ezana convert to?

King Ezana also converted to Christianity. He was a devout Christian and Christianity became the major religion of the kingdom. Aksum was perfectly located to become a major center of trade.

What country did King Ezana rule?

Ezana (Ge’ez: ዒዛና ‘Ezana, unvocalized ዐዘነ ‘zn; also spelled Aezana or Aizan) was ruler of the Kingdom of Axum, an ancient kingdom located in what is now Eritrea and Ethiopia. (320s – c. 360 AD). He himself employed the style (official title) “king of Saba and Salhen, Himyar and Dhu-Raydan”.

Who was the king of Axum?

Ezana I
In the mid-4th century CE, the king of Axum, Ezana I, officially adopted Christianity.

What country did king Ezana rule?

How old is Ethiopian Christianity?

Christianity was introduced to Ethiopia in the 4th century, and the Ethiopian Orthodox Church (called Tewahdo in Ethiopia) is one of the oldest organized Christian bodies in the world.

Who was the first king of Aksum?

It states that the ruler of Aksum in the first century was Zoskales, who, besides ruling the kingdom, likewise controlled land near the Red Sea: Adulis (near Massawa) and lands through the highlands of present-day Eritrea. He is also said to have been familiar with Greek literature.

What does the Ezana Stone say?

ካዳመጣችሁ ብኋላም የምታነቡት የአክሱም ታሪክ እዚህ አያያዣለሁ ። This is the Text on the Ezana Stone in Geez, Pseudo-Sabaic and Greek. The 1st order of the Ge’ez script is the original consonant alphabet. That means, before the Abugida was formed and Ge’ez was written in a pure consonants script, the letters looked like today’s 1st order.

What is the religion of Aksum?

In 320 A.D. Ezana became the King of Axum. Under his rule, Ezana embraced Christianity in 327 A.D. and made it the dominant religion of Axum. Axum became the first state in Africa to adopt Christianity as its official faith and at the time was among only a handful of Christian states in the world.

Who is the first king of Aksum?

Why was Ezana the first Christian king of Ethiopia?

His reign marked a turning point in Ethiopian history because Christianity became the state religion when he became the first Christian king. Very little indeed is known about Ethiopia before the 12th century, but the reign of Ezana in the early to middle 4th century stands out because of the relatively abundant inscriptions which he left.

Who was Ezana and what did he do?

Ezana is also remembered as having been a great builder, and he may have been responsible for the erection of the great obelisks still visible in the town of Axum. An English translation of Ezana’s last inscription is in Basil Davidson, ed., The African Past (1964). Very little is known about Ezana, and there is no biography of him.

Who was the father of Ezana of Axum?

Ezana succeeded his father, Ella Amida, to the kingship while still a child, and Ezana’s mother, Sofya, acted as his regent until he grew up. The young Ezana was tutored by one of his father’s counselors, Frumentius, who was a Christian from Syria. Frumentius later converted Ezana to Christianity and became the head of the new Ethiopian Church.

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