What is image well?

1. n. [Well Testing] A virtual well used to mathematically create the effect of a flow barrier.

How is drawdown calculated in hydrology?

Calculate the drawdown by subtracting the static level from the pumping level. saving well testing data. Also listed are some ways that you can use well drawdown measurements. Operating records should contain information about the static and pumping levels of a well, plus other important data.

What is a constant head boundary?

Constant-head boundaries are alternately known as recharge or positive boundaries. A discharging well located near a constant-head boundary experiences less drawdown than the same well pumping from an extensive aquifer.

What is groundwater in hydrology?

Groundwater, water that occurs below the surface of Earth, where it occupies all or part of the void spaces in soils or geologic strata. Both surface and subsurface water are related through the hydrologic cycle (the continuous circulation of water in the Earth-atmosphere system).

What is recuperation test?

Recuperation Test: Total quantity of water percolated into the well is calculated by knowing cross-sectional area and rise in the water level after stoppage of pumping. The rate of percolation or the yield of well can be arrived at by dividing the quantity of water by the time.

Why does a cone of depression form?

A cone of depression occurs in an aquifer when groundwater is pumped from a well. In an unconfined aquifer (water table), this is an actual depression of the water levels. The amount of this decline becomes less with distance from the well, resulting in a cone-shaped depression radiating away from the well.

How is drawdown well calculated?

Subtract the measurements you collect as the pump is running from the static water level. The difference is the drawdown. For example, if the static water level is 1 foot below the top of the casing and the water level after one hour is 3 feet below the top of the casing, the drawdown at one hour of pumping is 2 feet.

How is Max drawdown calculated?

Maximum drawdown (MDD) measures the maximum fall in the value of the investment, as given by the difference between the value of the lowest trough and that of the highest peak before the trough.

What is confined aquifer?

Confined aquifers are where thick deposits overly the aquifer and confine it from the Earth’s surface or other rocks. Confining beds or cover, such as clay or unfractured mudstones prevent or slow groundwater movement. Confining cover can cause groundwater to be under pressure.

What is an example of groundwater?

The water that your well draws from under the ground is an example of groundwater. Water beneath the earth’s surface, often between saturated soil and rock, that supplies wells and springs.