What is Heather French Henry famous for?

Heather Renee French Henry (born December 29, 1974) is a Miss America title holder, fashion designer and veterans advocate. She is married to former Kentucky Lieutenant Governor Steve Henry….

Heather French Henry
Children 2
Education University of Cincinnati (BA, MDes)

Who is Heather French Henry married to?

Steve Henrym. 2000
Heather French Henry/Spouse
Heather Renee French, Miss America 2000, and Dr. Stephen L. Henry, the lieutenant governor of Kentucky, were married on Friday at the Roman Catholic Cathedral of the Assumption in Louisville.

Where is Heather French from?

Augusta, KY
Heather French Henry/Place of birth

What year was Heather French Miss America?

Heather French Henry — Full Name: Heather Renee French Henry (born December 29, 1974) is an American Miss America title holder in 2000, personality and fashion designer.

Does Heather grow in France?

Tree Heather: Erica arborea, usually found growing strongly in the south of France; the woody roots are used to make briar pipes (‘bruyere’ is French for heather).

Has Miss Indiana ever won Miss America?

But only one beauty took the crown — Miss Indiana Katie Stam. While accepting her new position from host Mario Lopez and Miss America 2008 Kirsten Haglund of Michigan, Stam shared her glory with fellow contestants.

What is Heather French Henry doing now?


Who is the new Miss Kentucky?

Haley Wheeler
BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) – Haley Wheeler was crowned the winner of the 2021 Miss Kentucky pageant on Sunday. The pageant took place in Louisville at the Louisville convention center.

Who Won Miss America 2000?

Heather French Henry
Miss America 2000/Winners
In her fourth try for the title, UC graduate student Heather Renee French Henry, DAAP ’97, is Miss America 2000. “This is such a dream come true,” she told reporters after receiving her crown. “It’s like a Cinderella story.

Is heather going Brown dead?

If it’s pliable and green or white inside, it’s still alive; if it snaps in half easily, it could be dead. Finally, dig a small hole nearby the base of the plant to look at its roots. White roots indicate it’s healthy, while brown, red or black ones will tell you that it’s dying or dead.

Do heathers like sun or shade?

Heathers (Calluna), heaths (Erica) and Irish heath (Daboecia) thrive in an open, sunny position, but will tolerate light shade, such as under high-canopied deciduous trees. Many need lime-free soil (acidic) that is rich in organic matter.