What Is Festoon Lighting And How To Use It?

Festoon lights which are often also called party lights or café lights and are mostly seen in the Hollywood movies of the 50’s at the fairs. These have a traditional look of garland of big bulbs with the shape of a glass globe. These yesteryears’ bulbs are now a craze across the party circuits all over the globe especially in Australia, the demand for this light concept can be realized by the surge in advertisement which state festoon lights for sale Perth or Sydney. These lights were once only available in the US but now as it gained popularity across the globe is available everywhere. The word Festoon is derived from the Latin word ‘festum’ which literally means feast. So the origin of these lights itself for feast or party. But the traditional festoon lights had some genuine problems:

· The filament in the glass of the bulb got very hot and was unsafe for children, old people or even the pets.

· They were very expensive at that time.

· They were fragile and were very easy to break, no matter how careful you were with the handling.

So to tackle these problems and also to adjust to the increasing demand the festoon light evolved into LED which is energy efficient and the glass was replaced with translucent plastic which makes it literally unbreakable. The look was not changed and it looked exactly like the old festoon glass light. This was done to not lose the nostalgic feel associated with the traditional festoon light. With these the problems like getting heated, being expensive and being fragile were solved. The new festoon lights do not get hot due to led used, are very cheap and are highly durable due to the combination of led and plastic.

How To Use The New Generation Festoon Lighting?

Festoon lights are accurate for any party scene. It is widely used across Australia for wedding decorations. It gives a traditional and mesmerizing feel to the whole wedding event. The good thing about the new age festoon lights is that they are waterproof. So you can very well place it outside even if there is rain. This is like a boon for the people living in Perth where the weather is unpredictable specially the rain.

Festoon lights can also be used during Christmas celebrations. The festoon white led lights give a whole white Christmas feel to the decorations. These can be put along the corridor, Christmas tree or any place you feel like putting it around the house or even outside. The one thing amazing about the festoon lights is that it is interconnect able, which means that you can connect multiple strings with one socket.

These are also great for your family barbecues where you can put it over the patio, garden deck or gazebo and feel the ambience light up with positive vibes. It is a great decorative light and gives even your normal family gatherings a zeal and excitement.