What is Effy Stonem style called?

Effy has a very edgy, grunge, semi-goth, rocker-chick style. She wears a lot of dark colors, very short dresses, quirky T-shirts, leather jackets and miniskirts. Watch the show for inspiration.

What would Effy wear?

Mini skirts, short dresses, comfy t-shirts and tanks (usually in shades of black and gray) are all staples in Effy’s daytime wardrobe. She usually pairs these basic pieces with edgy accessories such as masculine boots, fishnet tights and piles of necklaces, for a completely unique aesthetic.

How do you become like Effy Stonem?

If they push you further and ask what you did there, smile to yourself secretly and say “nothing”. This will draw people into you and leave them wanting to know more. Remember, Effy has a smile that says “you don’t know me, and you never will”. If you can achieve this smile, you’re already an “Effy”.

What does Effy Stonem eat?

In Naomi’s episode in season 3 we see Effy eating some sort of a sandwich. Besides a sandwich she would probably also have a bag of chips and for some reason I’m thinking an apple haha.

What personality type is Effy?

Effy- INTJ/ INFJ she projects an air of self-confidence like an INTJ, but I feel like underneath she has weighty convictions and lots of extreme feelings like INFJ.

What age is Kaya Scodelario?

29 years (March 13, 1992)
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Did Effy go to private school?

In season 2, Effy speaks a whole lot more. This is mainly due to her older brother being involved with an accident and her helping him. In her season 2 episode, we find out that Effy attends an all girls private school and is in an art class.

What’s wrong with Effy?

Her mother, Anthea Stonem, justifies Effy’s behavior to JJ Jones by saying that “showing her cards scares her to death”. She begins to have psychotic episodes and delusional symptoms and Freddie realizes that Effy has developed psychotic depression.

Why did Effy go insane?

The accident actually made her more vulnerable, scared and weak. It was really traumatizing for her. By that time, she also had a depressed mother, wich was something hard for her too (without mentioning how depression is hereditary). Then, Tony, who she loved so much, went away to college, and that made her worse.

What mental disorder does Cassie from Skins have?

anorexia nervosa
Cassie is depicted as being eccentric and suffering from several mental disorders — most notably, anorexia nervosa — and multiple issues, including low self-esteem, suicidal ideation, and drug addiction, but is gentle-natured and friendly. Murray described her character as… …

What’s wrong with Effy Stonem?