What is an example of a continent-continent convergent boundary?

Examples of continent-continent convergent boundaries are the collision of the India Plate with the Eurasian Plate, creating the Himalaya Mountains, and the collision of the African Plate with the Eurasian Plate, creating the series of ranges extending from the Alps in Europe to the Zagros Mountains in Iran.

What landforms are convergent?

Deep ocean trenches, volcanoes, island arcs, submarine mountain ranges, and fault lines are examples of features that can form along plate tectonic boundaries. Volcanoes are one kind of feature that forms along convergent plate boundaries, where two tectonic plates collide and one moves beneath the other.

What is convergent continental continental plate boundary?

When two plates come together, it is known as a convergent boundary. The impact of the colliding plates can cause the edges of one or both plates to buckle up into a mountain ranges or one of the plates may bend down into a deep seafloor trench.

How does continental convergence form mountains?

Continent-Continent Convergence So when two continental plates collide, they just smash together. When two plates of continental crust collide, the material pushes upward. This forms a high mountain range. The remnants of subducted oceanic crust remain beneath the continental convergence zone.

Is Japan a oceanic oceanic convergent boundary?

Japan has been situated in the convergent plate boundary during long geohistorical ages. This means that the Japanese islands are built under the subduction tectonics. The oceanic plate consists of the oceanic crust and a part of the mantle beneath it.

What is produced in the convergent of two continental plates?

When two continental crusted plates converge, they eventually collide and end up producing mountains; this was how the Himalayan Mountains were created. When two oceanic plates converge, the denser plate will end up sinking below the less dense plate, leading to the formation of an oceanic subduction zone.

What are the examples of convergent boundary?

Examples. The collision between the Eurasian Plate and the Indian Plate that is forming the Himalayas. Subduction of the northern part of the Pacific Plate and the NW North American Plate that is forming the Aleutian Islands. Subduction of the Nazca Plate beneath the South American Plate to form the Andes.

Where is the convergent boundary?

Examples of ocean-continent convergent boundaries are subduction of the Nazca Plate under South America (which has created the Andes Mountains and the Peru Trench) and subduction of the Juan de Fuca Plate under North America (creating the Cascade Range).

What happens when two continental plates collide?

Plates Collide When two plates carrying continents collide, the continental crust buckles and rocks pile up, creating towering mountain ranges. Plates Slide Past One Another Plates grinding past each other in opposite directions create faults called transform faults.

What landforms are created by divergent boundaries?

At DIVERGENT boundaries the plates move apart allowing molten magma to rise and form new crust in the form of ridges, valleys and volcanoes. Landforms created by divergent plates include the Mid Atlantic Ridge and the Great African Rift Valley.

What is an example of oceanic continental convergence?

What is an example of oceanic oceanic convergence?

Examples of ocean-ocean convergent zones are subduction of the Pacific Plate south of Alaska (creating the Aleutian Islands) and under the Philippine Plate, where it creates the Marianas Trench, the deepest part of the ocean.

Which is an example of a continent-continent convergence?

The mountain belt erodes, and this is followed by isostatic adjustment. As two massive continents weld, a single large continental mass joined by a mountain range is produced. Examples: The Himalayas, Alps, Urals, Appalachians and the Atlas Mountains.

Where are the mountain ranges of the continental collision zone?

The continental collision zone extends even farther southwestward, but young sediments of the Gulf coastal plain cover most of it. It does surface as the Ouachita Mountains of western Arkansas and southeastern Oklahoma, and the Marathon Mountains of west Texas.

How is the convergence of the Indian and Asian plates affecting the Himalayas?

Recent studies have shown that convergence of the Indian plate and the Asian plate has caused a crustal shortening of about 500 km in the Himalayan region. This shortening has been compensated by seafloor spreading along the oceanic ridge in the Indian Ocean.

What happens in a continental collision between two continents?

Cartoon of a tectonic collision between two continents. Continental collision is a phenomenon of the plate tectonics of Earth that occurs at convergent boundaries. Continental collision is a variation on the fundamental process of subduction, whereby the subduction zone is destroyed, mountains produced, and two continents sutured together.