What is a string in Crystal Reports?

When you enclose the numbers in quotation marks, Crystal Reports interprets the values in the formula as strings, not numbers. When you use a plus sign or ampersand with strings, the result is the concatenation of the individual string elements.

How do you extract everything to the left of a specific character in a field?

Answer: Use the inStr() function to locate the first asterisk. Then use the Mid() function to grab everything to the left of the asterisk.

How do you use TRIM in Crystal Reports?

How to trim the ID field in a report to only show the ID number

  1. Create a report format, go to Query -> New Report Format.
  2. Select the fields to be placed in the report format, be sure to choose the ID field.
  3. Click Author the Report, this will open Crystal Reports.
  4. Go to Insert -> Formula Field.

How do I replace in Crystal Reports?

Crystal Report Syntax for replace string with another string in…

  1. ToText({table_name},”A”,”B”)
  2. if {table_name}=’A’ then ‘B’ else {table_name}
  3. if {table_name}=’A’ then ‘B’ else “”
  4. Replace({table_name},”A”,”B”) *error message “A boolean is required here.”

What does CStr mean in Crystal Reports?

Converting Data Types

Conversion Function Description
CStr() Convert to String. Equivalent to ToText().
CDate(string), CDate(year, month, day), CDate(DateTime) Convert to Date.
CTime(string), CTime(hour, min, sec), CDate(DateTime) Convert to Time.

What is Instr in Crystal Report?

instr = The instr function returns the position of the first occurrence of one string within another. *For additional information and examples on formula functions, please go to Help, Crystal Reports Help from within the Crystal Reports program.

How do I extract text after a special character?

To extract text after a special character, you need to find the location of the special character in the text, then use Right function. Formula: Copy the formula and replace “A1” with the cell name that contains the text you would like to extract.

How do I extract a string after a character in access?

1 Answer. Use InStr() to find the position of the ( character. And then Val() will give you a number from the remaining digits; it ignores anything after the last digit. If you want the result as a string instead of number, you can use CStr() to convert it.

How do I remove the first character of a string in Crystal Report?

  1. Open the report in Crystal Reports.
  2. Go to View > Field Explorer.
  3. Right-click on Formula Fields and select New.
  4. Enter a name for the formula and click OK.
  5. Enter a formula similar to the one below: Mid({FieldName}, x) Where x is the starting position of the text that you want. For example: Mid({CnPrProp_1_Status}, 5)

What is CDbl in Crystal Report?

Table 9-5. Conversion Functions

Conversion Function Description
CDbl(currency), CDbl(string), CDbl(boolean)
Convert to Number. Equivalent to ToNumber(). See the section “Formatting Values for Output”. CStr()
Convert to String. Equivalent to ToText(). CDate(string), CDate(year, month, day), CDate(DateTime)

What does CStr mean in Visual Basic?

CStr converts literals into Strings. It handles Integer, Boolean and Char. It changes these into their String representations. In VB.NET we cannot call the ToString function on these types.

How do I extract text after the second comma in Excel?

Note: If you want to extract the text after the second comma or other separators, you just need to replace the space with comma or other delimiters in the formula as you need. Such as: =MID(A2, FIND(“,”, A2, FIND(“,”, A2)+1)+1,256).