What is a peg leg trouser?

The peg leg trouser sits low and baggy on the waist and then tapers in just above the ankle, creating a beautiful silhouette. Both of these trousers are pretty much the dictionary definition of ‘smart-casual’, they’re great quality, super comfortable to wear and the perfect pick to take you from the office to the bar.

What are peg top trousers?

noun. Trousers cut very wide in the hips and narrow at the ankles, originally in fashion 1858–65.

How do you wear peg leg pants?

The most popular are right above the ankle bones and just before the ankle expands into the calf. If you’re lucky and have long legs you can wear both of these lengths. We gals with shorter legs must find the perfect spot in-between these two regions that give the illusion of a longer leg line.

What is a tapered trouser?

Tapered. Skinny pants are those whose legs are straight and narrow. Straight pants fall straight from the thigh to the hemline. The width of the leg can vary, but when they are figure-hugging they become skinny and when they are wider than the thigh they are classified as wide.

Why is it called a peg leg?

Bradford and Foster Brook Railway, also known as the “Peg Leg” from its wooden support piles. Fulton Chain Railroad (Peg Leg), also known as the “Peg Leg” from its wooden rails.

Who should wear tapered trousers?

Taper the legs A tapered leg suits most men, as it elongates the body and has a slimming effect, an important consideration if you are short and want to look taller. Like the length of your trousers, the width you choose will depend upon whether you prefer the classic wide-leg look or a modern tapered style.

What is the meaning of PEG top?

peg top. noun. Definition of peg top (Entry 2 of 2) 1 : a pear-shaped top that is made to spin on the sharp metal peg in its base by the unwinding of a string wound round its center. 2 peg tops plural : peg trousers.

What is a peg top dress?

The peg-top look was most striking with women’s clothes, and it was used with both skirts and suits. The peg-top look could be subtle, with soft billows at the hips narrowing to a close-fitting but not restrictive hemline. Like the hobble skirt, which it resembled, peg-top skirts and suits went out of style by 1914.

What is peg leg?

Bona fide peg-leg trousers aren’t hard to spot. They usually have two front pleats at the waistband that are designed to add volume in the hip area, then balloon out in the thigh before tapering in again at the ankle. They can also be cropped on the ankle and high-waisted.

What is the difference between tapered and cigarette trousers?

slim, cigarette) – A snug fit through the legs and end in a small leg opening. Body proportion is more relevant – skip this style if you have both short legs and a long torso. Tapered (aka. peg-leg) – Pant legs that narrow toward the ankle.

Do pirates have peg legs?

Did pirates have peg legs and wear eye patches? Pirates often got injured in battle or even in fights amongst themselves. But the chances of a pirate using a wooden peg leg to replace one that had been badly hurt was unlikely. Some pirates really did wear them.