What is a pass at O level?

GCE O-level (Ordinary level) subjects Results which met the Ordinary standard (grades 1-6) were recorded as Pass. Grades D and E indicated a lower standard of attainment, but were still judged sufficient to be recorded on the certificate. Grade E or below was ungraded and not recorded on the certificate.

What is O level in Zimbabwe?

General Certificate of Education: “O” Level Studies. Post-secondary.

What is Grade E in Zimbabwe?

A basic interpretation would translate the grade A in Ordinary Level as very good and on a point system 5 points, B- good or 4 points, C- Average or 3 points, D- Weak or 2 points, E- Very Weak or 1 point and U-Ungraded. At this level a pass is counted from Grade C and above.

What is the grading system for A levels?

Grading System in UK A Level

Grade Percentage Uniform Mark
A* 90–100
A 80–89
B 70–79
C 60–69

What happens if I fail O level?

After years of studying, failing your O-Levels can be a devastating experience. Even results that are technically passing can get you in trouble if you have many borderline scores like D7/C6. Low or failing scores may crush your hope to qualify for Polytechnics or Junior College.

What age is O levels?

Singapore. Students take the O-Levels after completing Secondary 4 at age 16 for the Special and Express streams, or Secondary 5 at age 17 for the Normal Academic Stream.

Can you go to university with O level in Zimbabwe?

All applicants MUST have passed at least five subjects, including English language at ‘O’ level and at least two ‘A’ Level passes. Applicants are also required to make an on- line application at UZ campus on www.emhare.uz.ac.zw.

Do American universities accept O levels?

Cambridge IGCSE and Cambridge O Level Leading universities in the US require Cambridge International AS & A Levels for admissions, but some colleges and universities will accept students with five Cambridge IGCSEs or Cambridge O Levels at grade C or above.

Is school free in Zimbabwe?

Zimbabwe’s education reform in 1980 aspired to provide free and universal education to all children through the Zimbabwe Education Act; however, tuition fees and education costs have accumulated over time. Many families pay for tuition, even if it is a small fee at public government schools.

What pass mark is a distinction?

What do my marks/grades mean?

High Distinction (HD): 85%–100%
Distinction (DN): 75%–84%
Credit (CR): 65%–74%
Pass (PS): 50%–64 %
Fail:(FL) 0%–49 %

Is 70 an A or B?

A failing grade is generally called an “E”, though some institutions use “F”….Japan.

Scale Letter Grade
90–100 Excellent (AA or S)
80–89 A
70–79 B
60–69 C

Do you need 4 A-levels for Cambridge?

Four A-levels is not a requirement for entry to Cambridge, says Adam Patel, a fourth-year languages student at Cambridge University who took four A-levels. “I chose to do maths as my fourth A-level, mainly because I found that it didn’t require much revision outside of the classroom.

Who is the Zimbabwe School Examinations Council ( ZIMSEC )?

The Zimbabwe School Examinations Council (ZIMSEC) is an autonomous parastatal under the Ministry of Education, Sports and Culture of the Republic of Zimbabwe, responsible for the administration of public examinations in Zimbabwean schools. ZIMSEC certificates are recognised and accepted in Africa and abroad.

Which is the best examination authority in Zimbabwe?

Zimsec is the premier authority for conducting primary and secondary examinations across Zimbabwe. This Website has been specifically developed for student or any authority that wishes to know about the manner in which these national exams are conducted.

Which is the advanced level of the ZIMSEC?

ZIMSEC General Certificate of Education Advanced Level (commonly referred to as “ A-Levels “), this is the school leaving qualification conferred by the Council to pupils completing secondary or pre-university education. ZIMSEC offers resources to candidates preparing for examinations at Grade Seven, Ordinary and Advanced Levels.

How to check O Level and Alevel results?

Results To verify any O’level or Alevel result, please send your request to: [email protected] please state the purpose for the verification, along with the name and date of birth of the candidate. Search site