What is a Nubian cross?

Nubian boer goat is the result of a cross between two world famous goat breeds, Nubian and Boer. Like nubian boer goat, many good breeds come from combining two different goat breeds. And this system is very effective for producing a new breed for one specific product.

How much is a Nubian goat worth?

Nubian goat prices will vary greatly by location, age, sex, and purebred status. The common price for a young Nubian male or female goat ranges from $150 to $300 each.

How big do Nubian Saanen goats get?

30 inches tall
Nubian does are at least 30 inches tall and weigh 135 pounds, while bucks are at least 32 inches tall and weigh 170 pounds. The head is the distinctive breed characteristic with the facial profile between the eyes and the muzzle being strongly convex, often referred to as a “Roman nose.”

Are Saanen goats friendly?

Growing to 130 to 145 pounds, the Saanen breed is one of the best goats for milk. This breed is a consistent high-volume and high-quality milk producer. It’s no wonder that the friendly Saanen goat has risen to the favorite position with many goat owners.

How big do Nubian Wethers get?

Mature Nubian does should be at least 30″ tall at the withers, and should weigh at least 135 pounds. Mature Nubian bucks should be at least 32″ tall at the withers, and should weigh at least 160 pounds.

How long is a Nubian goat pregnant for?

The gestation period, or length of pregnancy, of the doe ranges between 145 to 152 days, or 150 days (5 months) on average, and under normal circumstances, the doe can have multiple births (twins, triplets and rarely, more).

Do Nubian goats make good pets?

Also known as Anglo Nubians, these docile, friendly animals make good pets, pack and dairy goats. Although they don’t produce as much milk as other dairy breeds, what they do produce is higher in butterfat and more flavorful.

How many babies can a Saanen goat have?

The typical goat will give birth to 2 to 3 kids, but as we mentioned above, the Nigerian Dwarf goats can give birth up to 5 kids per pregnancy. The one thing all goats have in common is their time of gestation, which is usually about 150 days.

How much does a Saanen goat cost?

Saanen Status Chart

Doe Buck Price
Cyclone Trueson $800
Wiki Wiki Trueson $900
Panina (Pearl/Trueson) Distancing $600
Laralyn (Gwendolyn/Hops) Trueson $600

How high can a Nubian goat jump?

Goats can often jump over fences up to 5 feet in height.