What is a kitchen exhaust scrubber?

The AOS wet scrubber has been designed to extinguish soot, sparks and grease thereby preventing fires from starting in the kitchen exhaust duct. The wet scrubber can be considered for an alternative solution to the AS 1668 and BCA performance solution.

How does a kitchen scrubber work?

Our Kitchen scrubber works on the principle of electrostatic precipitator, ESP, where the particulate matters along with oil and mist are charged and trapped in filter cell delivering smoke free exhaust. Our kitchen scrubbers are available in different capacities in manual and auto cleaning models.

How often should kitchen exhaust be cleaned?

3. How often should exhaust systems be cleaned

Type of kitchen Hours of use (per day) Cleaning frequency
Heavy use 12 – 16 hours Every 3 months
Moderate use 6 – 12 hours Every 6 months
Light use 2 – 6 hours Every 12 months

Do you need to be certified to clean kitchen hoods?

Cleaning commercial kitchen exhaust systems (hood cleaning) is required by state and local fire codes. Most of these Authorities require the cleaning be performed in accordance with NFPA 96. Hood Cleaning Certification is required for the performance of this work.

What is the frequency of flue and duct inspection and maintenance?

You may be wondering how often your commercial kitchen’s flue should be cleaned to prevent a dangerous situation from arising. For most commercial kitchens, we recommend signing up for hand scraping services on a monthly basis, and supplementing it with steam cleaning services 2-4 times per year.

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