What is a good objective for an administrative assistant resume?

Your resume objective should include details such as the position you’re applying for, your experience level, education, examples of previous job duties, skills you can offer the company and career goals.

How do you write an administrative assistant on a resume?

Key TakeawayGrab the hiring manager’s attention with the perfect administrative assistant resume objective or summary.Focus on achievements to prove you’re worth your weight in gold.Show you’ve got the right education by listing relevant coursework and vocational training.Pepper your AA resume with relevant skills.

What skills should I put on my resume for administrative assistant?

Examples of administrative assistant skillsWritten communication.Verbal communication.Organization.Time management.Attention to detail.Problem-solving.Technology.Independence.

What makes a good administrative assistant?

They often have to answer emails and take phone calls on behalf of executives and communicate with VIPs – so the ability communicate effectively, with good spelling and a personable phone manner – is essential. Initiative and drive – the best admin assistants aren’t just reactive, responding to needs as they come in.

Why should we hire you admin assistant?

First and foremost, I believe a good administrative assistant needs to be organized if they want to help coordinate the team. In addition, they need to have great time management skills to help with scheduling meetings and staying on task. Personally, I feel computer skills and communication also help with those tasks.