What is a good nickname for Flygon?

What’s your favorite nickname for Flygon? Funny nicknames, like Specs and Goggles, play on its big, bug-like eyes, while creative and original nicknames, like Mantis and Cairo, are also solid choices.

Which is better salamence or Flygon?

Flygon can be more useful because it has a better movepool, but Salamence is more powerful and would win in a battle.

Is Flygon a bad Pokémon?

Flygon, a Pokémon with good stats, a good typing and a good move-pool, yet it’s stuck in the Borderline tier because of a perceived inferiority to its fellow Dragons. But, things aren’t all bad for Flygon. Unlike Salamence, Flygon has STAB on its Earthquake, and unlike Garchomp, it has Roost and a Ground immunity.

What gender is Flygon?


Flygon フライゴン
Gender Ratio
Male: 50% Female: 50%
Evolves From Evolves Into
Vibrava None

What is a good nickname for Krookodile?

Sure, funny nicknames like Blind Bandit and Stevie Plunder are sure to earn few lols, while creative names like Sobek and Chomper play off Krookodile’s crocodile motif, but original names like Crimson Crock and Soil-ent Mean are also great choices.

What is a good nickname for blaziken?

Funny nicknames, like McKicken and KFC, play on the fact Blaziken is a fighting chicken that can breathe fire, while creative and original nicknames, like Fawkes and Spitfire, are also solid choices.

Can Flygon beat Salamence?

Salamence can learn Dragon Dance, which Flygon can’t, meaning it can boost its attack and speed without being choiced. Both Pokemon will be cleared away with one non-STAB Ice Beam. A Porygon2 with no Sp. Atk investment will be able to clear Salamence/ Flygon.

Is Flygon good Pokémon go?

Paired with its Community Day move, Earth Power, Flygon is a pretty good DPS. Flygon with Earth Power is considered a “discount Garchomp,” so might as well stock up on a couple.

What should I name my Onix?

Good Nicknames for Rock Type Pokemon

  • Onixpected – for onix.
  • Behemoth – for onix.
  • Pooch or Pup – for rockruff and lycanroc.
  • Toof or Tooth – for tyrunt and tyrantrum.
  • Chomper – for tyrunt and tyrantrum.
  • LordHelix – for omastar.
  • Kraken – for omastar.
  • Terrordactyl – for aerodactyl and archeops.