What is a brief digression?

A temporary departure from the main subject in speech or writing. ‘let’s return to the main topic after that brief digression’

What does Disgressive mean?

adjective. (of e.g. speech and writing) tending to depart from the main point or cover a wide range of subjects. “amusingly digressive with satirical thrusts at women’s fashions among other things” synonyms: discursive, excursive, rambling indirect.

What is digression example?

The definition of a digression is a spoken or written piece that moves away from the main topic. An example of a digression is starting to tell a story about photography when the main topic is photosynthesis. The lectures included lengthy digressions on topics ranging from the professor’s dog to the meaning of life.

What is a digression in music?

Digression (parékbasis in Greek, egressio, digressio and excursion in Latin) is a section of a composition or speech that marks a temporary shift of subject; the digression ends when the writer or speaker returns to the main topic. Digressions can be used intentionally as a stylistic or rhetorical device.

What is the opposite of digression?

Opposite of to shift from the main subject of discussion temporarily. focus. concentrate. refocus. fixate.

Is degression a word?

a downward movement; descent. the decrease in rate in degressive taxation.

What is an example of discretion?

Discretion is defined as the right of someone to make choices or the quality of someone who is careful about what they do or say. An example of discretion is the ability of a juror to determine a verdict. I leave that to your discretion.

What does it mean to use discretion?

1 : care in not attracting attention or letting out private information Use discretion in dealing with the situation. 2 : the power to decide what to do I’ll leave it to your discretion. discretion. noun. dis·​cre·​tion | \ dis-ˈkre-shən \

Why is digression used?

‘Digression’ is used in literature to diverge the reader’s attention from the main plot. It is meant to be done intentionally for the sake of illustrating a point, or adding to the suspense of the story.

What causes digression?

Etiology: mental laziness, uncorrected by early pedagogical discipline; in extreme cases combined with basic rebelliousness that presents as passive aggression.

What does a coda mean in music?

Coda, (Italian: “tail”) in musical composition, a concluding section (typically at the end of a sonata movement) that is based, as a general rule, on extensions or reelaborations of thematic material previously heard.

What is the difference between Minuet and Trio?

As nouns the difference between minuet and trio is that minuet is a slow graceful dance consisting of a , a high step, and a balance while trio is a group of three people or things.