What is a BMW SMG pump?

The SMG pump (pictured below) is similar to an ABS pump in both appearance and function, but controls the hydraulic pressures in the transmission and not the brake system. This is a common and very strong indicator that the pump assembly itself has indeed failed.

How much should I pay for an E46 M3?

The median cost of a BMW E46 M3 is $17,411 with the average at $17,921, but that includes all the models like the Convertible, SMG and Manual variants. For a BMW E46 M3 Coupe with a Manual Transmission, owners are asking about $22,500. For a Manual Convertible or SMG Coupe, the BMW E46 M3 will cost you about $17,500.

What is BMW M3 SMG transmission?

SMG stands for Sequential Manual Gearbox. It’s actually the same manual gearbox that is found in the cars with a clutch pedal, but instead of having the clutch foot operated, it has the clutch electro-hydaulically operated via a pump and wired to computers.

How much does it cost to replace an E46 M3 clutch?

BMW M3 Clutch Replacement Cost Estimate. Labor costs are estimated between $862 and $1,088 while parts are priced between $1,331 and $1,498.

Is SMG dual clutch?

BMW Shifts Gears: SMG out, new seven-speed, double clutch gearbox in. Wave goodbye to BMW’s SMG sequential manual gearbox and say hello to its new DCG double clutch gearbox. Key to the DCG’s operation are its two oil-cooled wet clutches, one for the even gears and one for the odd gears and reverse.

How does BMW SMG transmission work?

The Sequential M Gearbox is essentially a six-speed manual gearbox where the clutch and gearbox are operated electro-hydraulically by a computer in response to the driver pulling on two paddles behind the steering wheel, or by pushing a floor shifter forwards or backwards. There is no clutch pedal.

Is the E46 M3 a good investment?

Great Sound And Handling The other reasons include the sound the car makes, the handling and the price. All of them are valid points as to why this is a best buy these days. Prices for mint E46 M3 models have been going up recently and this might actually turn out to be a good investment on the long run.

What is the best E46 M3 year?

E46 (2000–2006) The bold claim of being the best M3. Ever.

Is the E46 M3 a good car?

The M3 E46 is not only an excelent car for its time. It is still astonishingly good for modern standards. There may be faster options on the straight line, such as a regular BMW 335i or 135i, but based on my experience, what you lose in terms of performance, you gain in experience with an E46 M3.

How long does an e46 clutch last?

*ANY* clutch should last 100,000+ miles if properly driven….

How much is a clutch replacement?

The average cost for a Clutch Replacement is between $1,202 and $1,375 but can vary from car to car.