What happened to Urbandub?

Rock group Urbandub will be going “on hiatus,” as confirmed by vocalist Gabby Alipe. Alipe says the stresses of the band life, especially the constant touring, have taken its toll on the band members. “The band thing, the touring, the traveling… pahinga muna,” Alipe tells Rappler early Saturday morning.

Is urbandub an emo?

Urbandub is a Filipino rock band from Cebu City, Philippines….

Genres Alternative rock hard rock experimental rock alternative metal pop punk nu metal
Years active 2000–2015; 2016–present

What is the genre of urbandub?


Who is the vocalist of 6CycleMind?

Tutti Caringal
Ney Dimaculangan
6cyclemind (sometimes spelled as Six Cycle Mind, 6 Cycle Mind, 6CycleMind or 6Cyclemind) is a Filipino rock band composed of Tito Fortunato “Tutti” Caringal II on vocals, Ryan “Rye” Sarmiento on rhythm guitars and backing vocals, Roberto “Bob” Cañamo on bass guitar and backing vocals, Herbert Hernandez on lead guitars …

What happened to Ney of 6cyclemind?

Burnout was one of the reasons that Ney left 6cyclemind—he wanted to try something new. For the past two years, he has been trying to make a mark as a solo artist. In the process, the fire in his belly has been re-ignited. Going solo, Ney said, was at once exciting and daunting.

Who is the vocalist of cueshe?

Ruben Caballero
Jay Justiniani
The six-member band was formed in Cebu a few years ago, with Mike Manoloto on the drums, Fritz Labrado on bass, Jovan Mabini on the guitar, vocalist and guitarist Ruben Caballero, Jhunjie Dosdos on keyboards and vocalist Jay Justiniani.

Is cueshe a Filipino band?

Cueshé is a Filipino pop rock band from Cebu, Philippines, currently based in Manila. The band is formed in 1998 and hit mainstream in 2005.

Why did cueshe disbanded?

“The ‘she’ in Cueshe refers to our original lead vocal, a female,” explains Mike. “She had to leave the band because she had a lot of other plans for herself. Cueshe was sidelined when Jay figured in an ear-slicing and leg-fracturing motorcycle accident on Christmas Eve of 2001.

Did cueshe disband?

While its contemporaries may have either disbanded or changed members but Cueshé is still as solid as ever. It is still comprised of Jay Justiniani on vocals; Ruben Caballero, guitars/vocals; Jovan Mabini, guitars; Jhunjie Dosdos, keyboards; Fritz Labrado, bass; and Mike Manaloto, drums.

Why did Jay justiniani leave cueshe?

Cueshé is an OPM pop alternative band that hails from Cebu City, Philippines and is currently based in Manila. Now a four piece band, with Jay Norman Justiniani and Jhunjie Dosdos leaving the band for personal reasons. Cueshe is on the works of recording a new single with a new twist in their sound.

What happened to 6cyclemind?

Is Cueshe a Filipino band?

Who are the members of the band Urbandub?

Bass guitarist and back-up vocalist Lalay Lim and drummer JanJan Mendoza left the band to prioritize their families afterwards. In 2016, Alipe and Dinopol reunited to reform Urbandub (also dubbed as “Gab and John”) along with bass player Russ Manaloto and drummer Sam Saludsong.

Which is the best album by Urbandub?

Studio albums 1 Birth (2001) 2 Influence (2003) 3 Embrace (2005) 4 Under Southern Lights (2007) 5 The Apparition (2009) 6 Esoteric (2013)

What was the first song Urbandub ever released?

Urbandub’s debut album suffered distribution problems due to the lack of support from major record companies. Later in the year, their first single “Come” was released and accompanied with a music video funded by Sonic Boom productions. The following singles from the album included “Boy”, “Give”, and “Would You Go”.

When did Urbandub play at 70s Bistro?

On February 25, 2018, the original lineup of the band came together to play their songs at 70s Bistro in a Not-So-Secret Gig and on February 26, 2018 at 19 EAST Bar and Grill. It was attended by 750 strong Urbandub followers also known as Dubistas. The night was a big blast as the band belted out their hits since 2000 to present.