What happened to the Peabody hotel in Orlando?

Since 1986, the Peabody Orlando hotel on International Drive has entertained its guests with daily duck marches through its lobby. But as of today, this Orlando tradition has ended as the Peabody becomes the Hyatt Regency Orlando after being recently purchase for for $717 million.

Are the Peabody ducks gone?

But like his previously retired Peabody flocks, the ducks disappeared, as ducks do, most likely to southeastern Canada. Mallards typically return to Arkansas when the water in Canada freezes in the fall. That means the Peabody ducks would no longer have the safety of the ranch.

Was there a Peabody hotel in Orlando?

The 32-story, 1641-room hotel was originally constructed in 1986 as The Peabody Orlando, a brand extension of the original Peabody Hotel in Memphis, Tennessee….

Hyatt Regency Orlando
Opening 1986 Expanded: 2010
Owner Hyatt Hotels
Management Hyatt Hotels
Height 428 ft (130.5 m)

Who bought the Peabody hotel?

Hyatt Hotels Corp.
The Peabody Orlando, granddaddy of Orlando’s convention industry, is being sold to Hyatt Hotels Corp. for $717 million, the companies said Wednesday. The first hotel to be built near the Orange County Convention Center, the Peabody has been a cornerstone of Central Florida’s convention district since opening in 1986.

Why does the Peabody have ducks?

The Peabody is probably best known around the world for a custom dating back to the 1930s. The General Manager of the time, Frank Schutt, had just returned from a weekend hunting trip in Arkansas. He and his friends found it amusing to leave their live decoy ducks in the hotel fountain.

Is it free to see the Peabody ducks?

There is no charge – it’s free. The ducks walk in the hotel lobby adjacent to a nice (but not cheap) lobby bar that offers coffee, tea, beer, etc.

How much does it cost to see the Peabody ducks?

How much does it cost to stay at the Peabody?


Provider Nightly total
Trip.com $64
Trip.com $95

How big is the Hyatt Regency Orlando?

315,000 square feet
Complementing the Orange County Convention Center’s 7 million square feet of exhibit space, Hyatt Regency Orlando offers 315,000 square feet of flexible meeting space, 1,641 guestrooms and a large selection of suites to accommodate your every need.

What hotel has ducks in the lobby?

EXPERIENCE:The Peabody’s famed ambassadors are housed in the “Duck Palace” on the hotel roof. Every day at 11 a.m., they are led by the Duckmaster down the elevator to the Italian travertine marble fountain in the Peabody Grand Lobby.

What is the famous hotel in Memphis?

The Peabody
Known as the “South’s Grand Hotel,” The Peabody is legendary for its charm, elegance, gracious hospitality and rich history. This Memphis icon, opened in 1869, is listed on the National Register of Historic Places and is world-famous for its five resident ducks, who march daily through the lobby at 11 a.m. and 5 p.m.

Why does The Peabody have ducks?