What happened to the Britannic and Olympic?

Olympic also held the title of the largest British-built liner until RMS Queen Mary was launched in 1934, interrupted only by the short careers of Titanic and Britannic. Olympic was withdrawn from service and sold for scrap in 1935; demolition was completed in 1937.

What did the White Star Line have to do with the Titanic?

profitable transatlantic passenger trade, the White Star Line decided to create a class of liners noted more for comfort than speed. The first ships ordered were the Olympic and Titanic; the Britannic was added later.

Which line ran the Titanic?

The Oceanic Steam Navigation Company or White Star Line of Boston Packets, more commonly known as the White Star Line, was a prominent British shipping company, most famous for its ill-fated luxury flagship, the RMS Titanic, and the World War I loss of her sister ship, Britannic.

What happened to the Britannic White Star liner?

The Britannic, sister ship to the Titanic, sinks in the Aegean Sea on November 21, 1916, killing 30 people.

Was the Titanic fully booked?

The ship could accommodate 2,567 passengers, although on its maiden voyage, it was not fully booked because not every experienced—or wary—traveler cared to face the North Atlantic in April. Only about half of the cabins had been sold, to 1,316 passengers.

When was the Britannic launched on the White Star Line?

Witnessed by some 50,000 people, Britannic was launched on Thursday 26th February 1914 at Harland and Wolff, Belfast. It was intended that Britannic would enter service as a passenger liner on the Southampton to New York service; however, World War One would intervene.

How big was the Britannic Olympic class liner?

Prior to her launching Britannic, had also been referred to as Gigantic, although it is uncertain whether or not White Star intended to use the name Gigantic. In order to construct the Olympic Class liners Harland and Wolff constructed two massive slipways, 840ft by 270ft wide and up to 228ft high.

What was the name of the White Star Line ship?

RMS Olympic was a British ocean liner and the lead ship of the White Star Line ‘s trio of Olympic -class liners. Unlike the other ships in the class, Olympic had a long career spanning 24 years from 1911 to 1935. This included service as a troopship during the First World War, which gained her the nickname “Old Reliable”.

What was the difference between the Titanic and the Olympic?

By contrast with Olympic, the other two ships in the class, Titanic and Britannic, did not have long service lives: in 1912 Titanic collided with an iceberg in the North Atlantic on her maiden voyage and sank; in 1916 Britannic struck a mine and sank in the Kea Channel in Greece.