What happened to Skids and Mudflap?

It’s unknown what happened to the twins after the events of the film but, according to the comics and books in which they appeared, it is revealed that they, together with Ironhide, were killed by Sentinel Prime.

Who plays Mudflap in Transformers?

Reno Wilson
Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen (2009) – Reno Wilson as Mudflap – IMDb.

Are Skids and Mudflap dead?

Mudflap and Skids were not seen in Egypt after this. Mudflap and Skids were at the end of an Autobot convoy in vehicle mode as the team rolled into the hangar of NEST’s Washington, D.C. base. He then charged inside the base to take back the Pillars, but not before blasting Skids with his Cosmic Rust gun, killing him.

What kind of car is Mudflap in Transformers 2?

Chevrolet Trax
Being introduced in the sequel is a blue Chevrolet Volt named Jolt. Providing comic relief will be two modified Chevrolet compacts, Mudflap a red Chevrolet Trax and Skids a green Chevrolet Beat.

Why did Sentinel Prime turn bad?

Sentinel Prime was supposed to warp jump to Earth so he and Megatron could recreate Cybertron. However, before he could warp jumped, Decepticon airships dealt heavy damage towards the Ark, resulting in Sentinel Prime to accidentally crashed landed on the dark side of the moon.

Are sideswipe and Sunstreaker twins?

Generation 1 continuity family Sideswipe and Sunstreaker were fraternal twin brothers. Roulette and Shadow Striker are twins, or perhaps even triplets with their perished sister.

What happened to Witwicky?

After the third Transformers movie, Sam left the franchise, and there was with no mention of his life or whereabouts in the follow-up, Transformers: Age of Extinction, which followed new hero, Cade Yaeger (Mark Wahlberg). If Vivian is the last surviving Witwicky, that means Sam Witwicky is likely dead.

Who killed sideswipe?

Cemetery Wind
Sideswipe was hunted down and killed by Cemetery Wind. Optimus Prime and the reunited Autobots later learned of his death via the KSI Drone, and mourned him.

Is Sentinel a real prime?

Sentinel Prime was a direct descendant of the first Cybertronian, Primus, and was believed to be the last of the Primes.

How did Sideswipe died?

Sideswipe and the other Autobots were forced to leave Earth when the turncoat Sentinel Prime coerced the human governments to exile their protectors. As it was leaving Earth’s atmosphere, the Autobot’s ship, the Xantium, was destroyed by Starscream, and Sideswipe was presumably killed along with his fellow Autobots.